Memorable Monday - A New TréCreative Blog Series!

It's been awhile since we've started a new blog series and it feels like it's about time! So here it is! The first installment of Memorable Monday! This will be a weekly blog post giving you a little insight into what we've been up to in the last week from both a personal and business standpoint. Since the beginning of this year, we've wanted to share more about us as a couple, and the places and adventures we go on. These posts will be quick and easy, but hopefully it'll give you all a better picture of what daily life looks like for TréCreative. We hope you enjoy!

Our Week

  • We are finally starting to finish decorating our family room, YAY! We put this on hold due to how busy we were over the summer and to be smart about budgeting when it comes to buying furniture, it sure adds up quick! 
  • Stephen shot a new Kickstarter Project film on Monday for a cool iPhone accessory.
  • We met up with not one but two awesome TréCreative couples for their engagement sessions this week. One here in Chico, and the other up in Butte Meadows. Stay tuned, these are some of our favorites from this year!!
  • For Halloween, Stephen was the "Left Shark" from the Super Bowl and I was Katy Perry. If you don't know what this is, see a video HERE. With the help of momma Conner and Stephen, the three of us took turns sewing pieces together for my very homemade costume. Stephen got a great deal on his Shark costume off Amazon. Stephen learned to sew and I got a laugh out of watching him learn.
  • Saturday was our first weekend off in over two months! We rested, spent time with friends and didn't touch our computers. We needed that!
  • On Sunday we spent over six hours cleaning and organizing our room. You'll be surprised by what happens when the last six months all you have done is thrown your clothes on the floor and not actually put them away, YIKES! It's SO clean now though, it makes us so happy!

Whew, alright that about sums up our week. Hope the start to your week is AMAZING! Until next Monday....