Napa Vintage Estates Wedding Film - Mike&Veronica


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We know it's a holiday and we shouldn't be working, but we couldn't resist sharing this film that we finished yesterday night! We know it will make Mike&Veronica's holiday even that much better to be able to watch it with friends and family today!

Mike&Veronica's wedding was held in the heart of the Napa, California area in a smaller town called Yountville. Their venue, The Vintage Estates, was drop-dead gorgeous! Add to that some stunning floral work, custom made signage, and some of Mike&Veronica's closest family and friends and we had a recipe for an amazing and joy-filled day!

All the speeches and the heartfelt vows at this wedding made for great audio to tell the story of their day through this film. We loved capturing the way these two look at each other and the true love they share. Enjoy reliving their wedding day through our film below!