TréCreative Tips&Tricks - Our Favorite Podcasts


Our full wedding season will kick off this Saturday and that means lots of car rides and living out of a suitcase.

Our TréCreative wedding season actually started back in January and since then, we have a few weddings spread out this year. The start to shooting and being gone every weekend will officially start this Saturday! We are so excited to be spending our weekends with our amazing couples and getting to celebrate with them on one of their most memorable days of their lives. We take our jobs very seriously! We want the wedding photos we take and video to last a lifetime. We truly believe your marriage is one of the greatest adventures you'll ever embark on and we're honored we get to capture it for these couples!

With weddings, comes lots of traveling. We have weddings all over California this year and spend a lot of time in our Honda Element together! We love being home in our community but we have a deep love for traveling, especially when we can do this together. When we're in the car we're constantly listening to all kinds of podcasts. At our local Tuesday's Together meet-up last night we started talking about some of the groups favorite podcasts. There are so many out there ranging from science podcasts, ones about finances, marriage and everyday life events. If you've never listened to a podcast I highly recommend it! It reminds me of the times my dad would sit down at our kitchen table and share stories or read one of my favorite books. In our opinion, it's the perfect way to pass time and learn valuable information. So whether your a small business owner alone in your office all day, on the road traveling with your family or working out at the gym, podcasts are perfect for you!

Below are some of our favorite podcasts we currently keep up with! We'd love to hear in the comments what some of your favorite are!

Planet Money - educational, yet very entertaining.

Reply All - stories about the Internet hosted by two funny guys.

Criminal - I loves this one haha, stories about criminals grin emoticon

This American Life - this is just classic podcasting, if you don't listen you should.

Snap Judgement - storytelling with a beat.

Freakonomics Radio

Anything by Gimlet Media, Start Up is great one, Sampler, Surprisingly Awesome, Mystery Show, AH they're all so good.

The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe (yeah, the dirty jobs guy) - amazing storyteller and the best 'pitch man' out there.

The Tim Ferris Show - author of one of my personal favorite books the 4hr workweek. He interviews top class performers (like the best of the best people in different industries). Interviews are LONG but very good, he asks great questions.

Note to Self - about technology and our complicated relationship with it

The Moth - stories told live on stage

Radiolab - SCIENCE

The Dave Ramsey Show - $$$$$$