Memorable Monday - The Dress that Changed My Life!


You guys!! Wedding season is in complete for full swing for us now! This last week we put the finishing touches on new work systems before our season officially started. From the feel of this last weekend's wedding, it's going to be a great season!

Our Week

  • Thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime! This technology has allowed us to connect face to face with couples, planners and people all around the world. For us, its so much more personal than email and we love it. Speaking of Skype, we had a Skype mentoring session this past week with an amazing photographer from Southern California Kelsey! We are excited to see her business continue to grow as she implements some of our favorite "secrets" to her very own client wedding experiences! If you're interested in a mentoring session don't hesitate to reach out and send us an email. We loved spending part of our afternoon with Kelsey encouraging one another!
  • We hosted another Tuesday's Together at the TreCrib on Tuesday evening! Our group is small but mighty and we love seeing other small business owners connect and encourage each other. This month's topic was all about marketing and PR. We talked a lot about social media and how to effectively use Facebook ads. If you're a creative entrepreneur in Chico, we'd love to have you join us for next month's topic!
  • My younger brother is really involved with Intervarsity on Chico State's campus! Stephen and I volunteered to cook all the meat for their year end BBQ on Thursday and we almost didn't have the food ready in time! Neither one of us have every barbecued with coals before. Our families have always just used gas BBQ's to make  things simple. About ten minutes before students started arriving, it seemed like the coals weren't heating up at all! We quickly tried to think of a Plan B. We raced home thinking we could fit our gas BBQ into our Honda element but soon found out it was just a couple inches too big. We frantically went back to the park thinking for sure we had just ruined their BBQ. We thought for sure we would never be asked to help with an event again haha! When we got back, the people who we left in charge of the BBQ's just said the coals needed a little extra time. Thanks goodness! We literally thought students would have to wait hours to get their food. Lesson learned, let the coals heat up for a really, REALLY long time. But I think the lesson Stephen and I really learned was to always stick to a gas BBQ. It's much easier and way less stressful :D
  • This weekend kicked off full swing with our wedding season. We have had a handful of weddings since January, but from this weekend on, it's pretty much non-stop every weekend for us! Friday we had a TréBooth event followed by a wedding Saturday out in Orland! It was such a great weekend for us. We can't wait to show you the full blog post of Zach&Lisa's wedding but until then, follow along Instagram to see more teases!
  • Having shot so many weddings we have really refined our process and essentials! As a photographer and videographer, we wear through lots of clothes and shoes to get us through the season. I used to spend money on cute dresses I would casually try on at thrift stores or target. I would wear the dress once thinking it would be my new favorite wedding outfit only to soon find out how uncomfortable and non versatile it was! As a photographer, we're constantly running around on wedding days. In the hot summer months in Chico, we'll often go home still dripping with sweat head to toe. I know right, not very attractive! Finally, last year at the end of wedding season I purchased my first LuLaRoe Amelia dress. I actually didn't wear it until this weekend and I am completely sold! The material is well made, has sleeves which is hard to find in summer dresses and super comfy because it's very stretchy. I can move and run around in it without feeling like I'm going to flash anyone! Stephen is a big sweater, so he has his outfits down to a science. His items are more on the high end when it comes to clothes for weddings, but he swears it has changed his life. I've heard the saying from a friend, "buy quality so you only have to cry once" and in this particular situation for wedding clothes it's totally true. A few weeks ago Stephen bought the most comfortable pair of pants from Lululemon and is never going back to uncomfortable slacks again! After this weekend, I'll for sure be purchasing a few more LuLaRoe dresses for this wedding season shortly! If you want to hear more about our clothing setups for weddings, we'll be doing a blog post soon about some more of our clothing tips and tricks.

And we'll end with one photos of Lisa because she was such a beautiful bride!!