Sacramento River Engagement Photography - Adam&Nicole


The Sacramento River is a peaceful relaxing retreat for many during the weekends, a place for fishing and all things outdoors. For Adam&Nicole, the river embodies so much more. It is a place they have spent many an hour together, sometimes talking a lot, other times in complete silence. Every time enjoying the peace that flows around them. The river is a place where Adam leads fishing tours, and where Nicole often brings her laptop to work with her feet hanging off the side of the boat. The river is even the place where Adam romantically proposed earlier this summer. We strive to make every engagement photography session truly represent each individual couple, their individual love story, with the places they love to adventure together. The Sacramento River is that special place for these two.

Nicole is such a creative person that can make something out of nothing. As she notes on her Studio 22 site, she is a “creativtista”, combining style with quirky inspiration in everything she does. Everything about this statement is totally true about Nicole and it is so wonderful and inspiring to be around.

Adam has a love for all things outdoors and an even greater love for his soon to be bride Nicole. Together these two are perfect for one another and they love each other and those around them so well!

The interesting thing about being on the river is how fast you move without even noticing it. It's like you could close your eyes, and open them in 30 seconds and you'd be in a whole new spot. Like these two's love for one another, the current of the river is constantly flowing. Moving them to new depths of relationship with every second. These two are meant for one another, like a boat and a river.

We are thrilled to be working with Chico Event Specialist for their wedding and just know that their day will be nothing but extraordinary.