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Dear Chelsey, If Only You Knew...

I remember when Stephen and I first started our business. We were poor college students, in love, and wanting to figure out our lives. We knew very few things about starting our own business. But if there was one thing we did know, it was that we loved working together and being creative. We loved every chance we had to pick up our cameras and we were so eager to learn and grow together!

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Sacramento River Engagement Photography - Adam&Nicole

The Sacramento River is a peaceful relaxing retreat for many during the weekends, a place for fishing and all things outdoors. For Adam&Nicole, the river embodies so much more. It is a place they have spent many an hour together, sometimes talking a lot, other times in complete silence. Every time enjoying the peace that flows around them. The river is a place where Adam leads fishing tours, and where Nicole often brings her laptop to work with her feet hanging off the side of the boat. The river is even the place where Adam romantically proposed earlier this summer. We strive to make every engagement photography session truly represent each individual couple, their individual love story, with the places they love to adventure together. The Sacramento River is that special place for these two.

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