Secrets Los Cabos Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer - Gary&Kasandra


Gary&Kasandra planned a beautiful destination wedding at Secrets Los Cabos Mexico with their closest friends and family!

Stephen and I absolutely love to travel and when Kasandra reached out to us and asked us to join them for their destination Mexico wedding, we were ecstatic. Over the years of traveling for weddings, we've fallen in love with intimate destination weddings. Although large weddings are extremely fun to photograph, there's something to unique about an intimate event like this. We've noticed at these our couples can relax all throughout the day and spend as much time with their guests as they want without feeling the pressure of greeting everyone in a short amount of time.

Since Gary&Kasandra were coming in early in the week, they got to spend extra time with all their guests. This including lounging by the pool and exploring the beautiful resort. When these two found Secrets, they knew it was the place for them. It has everything you need and more and is so beautiful.

Gary&Kasandra are some of the kindest people we've ever had the pleasure of working with. For us, their day was bittersweet because although we were so excited for them to get married, this meant we wouldn't see them again for a while. We felt like long time friends when we joined them on this adventure to Mexico. Gary&Kasandra both live in Chico and met while working for here in town. Many of their bridal party members were longtime friends from their days at Chico State or also met them while at work. Kasandra got ready with both her mom and Gary's mom. After Kasandra slipped into her beautiful lace dress, we explored around the resort for their first look and portraits. Gary&Kasandra's vows made everyone shed tears during their ceremony nex to the beach. Their love for one another is deep and sincere. They've put each other before the other and truly bring out the best. All though the reception was filled with lots of dancing and fun, their ceremony was sacred and beautiful.

During their ceremony overlooking the ocean, Gary&Kasandra's vows made everyone shed tears of joy. Their love for one another is deep and sincere, and their ceremony was sacred and beautiful. They've put each other first and truly bring out the best in each other. Gary&Kasandra, you two are incredible people. We hope that on the really good days but especially on the hard days, you would remember to always choose each other and hold true to the beautiful vows we had the pleasure of witnessing! We can't wait to see what new adventure you two embark on together next!

Enjoy some of our favorites from their day!


Kasandra gifted their parents a keepsake right before she headed out to see Gary at their first look!