Stephen's Golden Birthday - 27 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Him


It's Stephen's golden birthday today! He's 27 and for the last 10 years that we've been together, I have learned a lot of amazing things about him and his family! He totally won me over by his charm and caring heart. It doesn't take long for you to realize how incredibly talented and truly creative Stephen is. There are people in the world who are naturally good at certain things. Those people embody what it really means to be an entrepreneur always dreaming of what's next. Stephen totally exemplifies that and so much more.

For his birthday, I decided to do a blog post a little different and share with you some information you might not know. So for Stephen's golden birthday, I'm sharing 27 fun facts you might not know about him. Enjoy!

  1. Contrary to what everyone might think when he wears his cat shirts, Stephen loves dogs and is allergic to cats.
  2. He would rather stay up super late (like all night) to meet a project deadline than wake up before the sun rises.
  3. He grew up in Wheaton, Illinois until moving to Chico when he was 15.
  4. He got into filmmaking making "jackass' style videos in high school (typical teenager) with his best friends.
  5. Some of those videos are still on his YouTube Channel today and include his childhood friends mostly running around in a gorilla suit.
  6. Stephen knew in high school he wanted to be a filmmaker.
  7. Stephen's favorite foods are pizza, cereal, and candy!
  8. Four our breakfast dates, Stephen's usually gets the sweet dessert option and I usually get the breakfast staples.
  9. Stephen went to college at Biola University and studied Cinema and Media Arts.
  10. He's initial plans were to work in Hollywood on sets. After having a small taste of that, he realized crew life wasn't for him and he wanted to run his own show.
  11. Since graduating, every 1-2 years, he has started a new business!
  12. Last October, he started his first product-based business and learned the world of E-commerce.
  13. In college though, he created a completely fake e-commerce business for a contest that sold "himilayan sea salt kits". We all thought he was crazy for spending so much time on it but his friend Robert and him ended up winning $5000 and getting jobs right after the contest.
  14. In between editing, his Kendama and other LunaTac products (that business he started in october) are what keep him motivated throughout the day.
  15. Favorite drink - Baja Blast from Taco Bell :D
  16. Favorite Alcoholic drink - A good IPA or Whiskey
  17. Steak Burritos is his go-to at any Mexican restaurant. He calls these his "qualifier". His theory is if he gets the same thing at every place he'll have something to compare them all and know which has the best.
  18. Stephen broke his arm two years ago right in front of our local hospital.
  19. Stephen's first job in high school was working at a hot dog stand.
  20. Stephen is tall, he's 6'4" or 6'5" on a good day he says.
  21. Stephen's family traded houses with a family from England one summer growing up and they both lived in each other's houses and the dad's worked each other's jobs!
  22. Some might be surprised by Stephen is an introvert. But he can extrovert it up when he needs to at weddings or events.
  23. Favorite type of candy - anything sour and gummy, like sour spaghetti.
  24. Stephen whole family loves Apple products and has before they were "cool". One of them usually is on top of whatever the newest gadget is!
  25. While vacation in Florida growing up, Stephen had a near death experience in the ocean and since then isn't a huge fan of swimming in the ocean.
  26. In high school, Stephen was given the yearbook award of "most talented".
  27. Stephen's goal is to start a new business every 2 years, diversifying and automating our avenues of income. He's already cooking up a secret new project.