Taber Ranch Wedding - Capay Wedding Photographer - Ricky&Anjelica


It wasn't too long ago that Ricky&Anjelica's bright and colorful fair engagement session was featured on the blog and now it's time to show you their beautiful Taber Ranch wedding!

From the moment that we stepped into their separate getting ready rooms, it became very clear how important family is to Ricky&Anjelica. Their bridal party consisted of their siblings and close cousins. After hair and makeup was complete, the couple exchanged thoughtful gifts before heading to the venue, Taber Ranch, for their first look. Ricky got Anjelica designer shoes that she slipped on and a Tiffany necklace. Anjelica got wrote Ricky a sweet note and gave him a classy watch that matched his attire perfectly!

There were quite a few surprises that happened as the evening progressed. All the first dances were not your ordinary first dances. Anjelica's dad and Ricky's mom are all such great dancers and wowed the crowd during those formalities. Second, all the cousins came out in matching T-Shirts and did a choreographed dance that ended with Ricky&Anjelica pretending to ride off into the ocean with a boat (see photos below). Right after the bouquet and garter toss, Anjelica's Aunties surprised the couple with their own choreographed dance too! It wasn't just that these amazing family members wanted to surprise the couple with a dance, they were all such good dancers and you could see this would be a tradition I'm sure will continue at the next family's wedding!

One thing we love most about this couple is their laughter and spunk they have for life. They weren't afraid to completely be themselves in planning this wedding. We can't think of a time that these two didn't have a smile on their face throughout the day. Their wedding was inspired by one of their favorite Disney movies, Up, which is all about adventure. We have no doubt that Ricky&Anjelica's marriage with be filled with lots of great adventures, laughter, family and some crowd-pleasing dance moves! Thank you friends for asking us to be part of your amazing wedding. Your family is just as amazing as you two and we were blessed to spend our summer day with you all!




Venue - Taber Ranch

Photographer - TréCreative

Videographer - TréCreative

Photo Booth - TréBooth

Catering - Roline's