Memorable Monday - Summer Olympics


Well, last week was a good refresher for both Stephen and I! We spent the majority of the week apart from one another which is SO rare for us, but exactly what we needed!

I don't ever want to take for granted the amount of time Stephen and I get to spend together. We absolutely love working together and over the years of running our own business we have created systems and workflows to better serve our couples while improving work-life balance. Stephen has his own set of strengths and I have my own as well. We're very far from perfect and never want to stop growing. We never want to stop improving in our relationship with one another, and in our craft and skill when it comes to photography and videography. In the midst of work, we often struggle to carve time away to really be intentional. This week was a good chance for us to re-charge and hone in on the important things!

Our Week:

  • I spent last weekend and the beginning of the week in Southern California visiting one of my best friends from college and my cousins. I felt completely spoiled because all three days I visited we took a beach trip! I recently thought I was more of a mountain girl, but boy did I love being at the beach. The water was extremely warm too which isn't always the case in Southern California so I was able to splash around and ride the waves! I could have stayed at the beach for the rest of the week for sure!
  • While I was away, Stephen spent the majority of his time finishing another year long project and soaking in as much introverted time as possible. Stephen works really well late at night so his day looked a lot like sleeping in and staying up super late to get his projects done. We are definitely the opposite in this area. I prefer to go to bed early and wake up early to start my day!
  • Remember when I blogged about our new favorite drink La Croix? Well, we bought four cases of those a few weeks ago and they are almost gone! Isn't that crazy!?! We've both been drinking 1 or 2 a day, maybe we need to settle down a bit, but they're SO good (and not bad for you too)!
  • For Christmas, both our moms gifted us with a house cleaning service. It had been a while since our house has been "deep cleaned" so we used our gift last week! The house feels so clean and spotless and I love it! Thanks mom!
  • Saturday, we had a wedding here in Chico at one of our favorite venues. The guest list was small and intimate and our couple decked out the property like we've never seen before! We can't wait to show you this one!
  • On Sunday we slept in and went to church a little later than our normal time. We got take out Chinese food that night and watched the Olympics together with our friends Cody&Brittany! This might be a little embarrassing, but neither Stephen or I realized the Olympics were even on again. We don't have cable and have been so busy lately we completely forgot. Thanks to our friends, we now can say we've watched the summer Olympics! YAY :D