Viaggio Estate & Winery Wedding - Tyler&Stephanie


Tyler&Stephanie planned a beautiful classic black and white Viaggio Estate and Winery wedding in Northern California.


Stephanie is from the Lodi area and Viaggio Estate and Winery is nearby. The more we do weddings, the more we’re falling in love with this classic black and white style that Tyler&Stephanie totally embraced! That look will never go out of style which makes it truly timeless.

Stephanie got ready on Viaggio’s property in the River Cottage with all of her wonderful bridesmaids. Many of them were dear family members and others were close friends she’s had for many years now. She spent much of her growing up years with these ladies at her family’s cabin. Steph is one of the most relaxed and easy-going brides we’ve had the privilege of working with. Her dress from Miosa in Sacramento was simply breathtaking! While Stephanie was finishing up her hair and makeup before the first look, Tyler was also getting ready on the property just within walking distance in the man cave.

There were a few surprises in store for the couple throughout the day. Right after the first look, Tyler surprised Stephanie with a beautiful diamond necklace that matched perfectly with her wedding ring, way to go Tyler! And then another surprise happened just after the couple kissed during their wedding ceremony. Stephanie’s dad arranged for some stunt planes to fly over the wedding ceremony and sky-write a heart shape into the blue sky, it was pretty magical!

Tyler&Stephanie opted to have a live band play and it was so entertaining for everyone to enjoy the crazy talented musicians that played throughout the evening. Totally random, but one of our old "camp friends" Caleb was playing saxophone in the band. It was super fun to reconnect with him!

During the reception, we always look forward to hearing speeches given during the evening. These speeches are often what we use throughout our wedding videos to craft the story of a couple’s relationship. It also gives another glimpse of the couple and their character. We hear from parents and people who have been in our couple’s lives since the beginning of their relationships. What we kept hearing over and over again about Tyler&Stephanie was that each family member was so happy to have them in their family. They all knew Tyler&Stephanie were meant to be together after spending a short amount of time together. We loved spending the day with their extended families, they were wonderful!

Tyler&Stephanie, thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of your amazing wedding. We love your adventurous spirit and are inspired by the way you love your family well and honor the legacy of marriage that your parents have modeled so well for you two! Cheers to many more years of happiness, may this film remind you of your wonderful love for years to come!