Bay Area Wedding Photography and Videography - 20 Things You Didn't Know About Stephen&Chelsey { aka TréCreative }


It's confession time over her...just kidding!! As photographers and videographers we absolutely are over-the-moon about getting to know our couples. We feel that through having a personal relationship, we create a more intimate and unique service that in the long run better serves our couples! Although much of our approach is asking our couples questions, we love when our couples can get to know us as well. For that reason, we thought it would be fun to share 20 things you may or may not know about us. Tell us in the comments how many you knew already! And here is goes...

  1. Chelsey is extroverted, she needs her "people time" to stay alive.

  2. Stephen is introverted, but sure can can turn on his extroverted side at weddings!

  3. Chelsey is a morning person, she loves to wake up early and be productive.

  4. Stephen is a major night owl, he occasionally works all night to get projects done.

  5. Chelsey worked at In N Out Burger (woot woot store #147!) for four years. She quit after college and went full time with TréCreative!

  6. Stephen lived in Illinois until he was 15 years old.

  7. Chelsey loves thrifting and can tell you almost all the discount days at any thrift store in Chico.

  8. Stephen's favorite food is cereal. Well, and candy if you consider that a food :D

  9. Chelsey is half Italian.

  10. Stephen once pranked his college roommate and the video ended up on an episode on MTV.

  11. Chelsey never traveled out her time zone until she met Stephen.

  12. Stephen made up a fake business in college, and won $5K in a contest for doing so!

  13. Chesley si dyslexic (get that one?)

  14. Stephen proof reads all the blog posts (see #13)!

  15. Chelsey can make some mean sushi, but more importantly she likes to eat sushi!

  16. Stephen always wanted to be his own boss and start a business.

  17. Chelsey has never broken a bone (knock on wood).

  18. On a recent documentary project, Stephen got his drone confiscated at the Nicaraguan border.

  19. Speaking of getting things taken away, Chelsey has had not one but TWO of her cars stolen in her lifetime. Luckily third times the charm and our Element is going strong (double knock on wood).

  20. Stephen loves Amazon Prime shipping and all the delivery guys know him by name because of it.


Alright, how many did you already know?!? Let us know in the Facebook comments below this post! Hope you feel like you know us just a little bit better. We'll be doing more personal posts this summer to get to know all you blog readers for sure!