Chico Wedding Photographer - Skylake Gardens Wedding - Travis&Allie


Travis&Allie's love story is one that'll make you grin from ear to ear!

Both Travis&Allie are from a small town outside of Chico and grew up very close by. Allie has two older brothers that have always been protective of their younger sister. Growing up, Travis had two really good friends. These two good friends just so happened to be Allie's older brothers. One day the three guys were hanging out, Travis saw a picture of Allie in their home. Travis's jaw dropped and asked who was the beautiful girl in the photo. Allie's brothers tried their best to divert the conversation and move. Imagine with us for a second the hoops Travis had to jump through before even asking Allie on their first date. He had to win over the approval of her older protective brothers. Travis's persistence and pursuit of Allie totally paid off! Good job Travis, way to go after your goals!

Over the last year of getting to know Travis&Allie, we have both seen that same determination and persistance play out. Travis just adores Allie and has been such a champ throughout wedding planning. Allie had a beautiful vision for her wedding day and it came out perfectly! Their wedding was held out in Durham just outside of Chico at Skylake Gardens. Because Travis&Allie have larger extended families from a small hometown, they had close to 300 guests in attendance! Travis&Allie tried their best to greet every guest and encouraged everyone to meet them out on the dance floor later in the evening. They had an earlier ceremony start time because they wanted to spend more time with their family and guests!

Thank you Travis&Allie for trusting us with your wedding photos. You two have been such a joy to get to know and spent time with!

Don't forget to look at the bottom of the blog to see a list of some of the amazing vendors who helped make this wedding go off without a hitch! We love any chance we get to work with friends in the wedding industry here in Chico!



Photography - TréCreative Film&Photo

Wedding Coordinating - CES Wedding and Events

Catering - Special Times

Makeup - Makeup by Megan

Venue - Skylake Ranch

DJ - Elite Sound

Flowers - Cambray Rose Florist