Our Favorite Meal of the Day - Breakfast


Breakfast has become our favorite meal of the day. It all started when we were first married. Three months after our wedding, I jumped in full time with Stephen to join forces. I had just graduated from college and quit my part time job. We had this routine that we would wake up at 6am and go to the gym before starting work. When Wednesday rolled around, we were both exhausted and wanted a day to sleep in past our 5:30am alarm. We quickly dubbed Wednesdays as our "date day" and we would go to a favorite breakfast place in our hometown of Chico or be adventurous and try someplace new. This weekly tradition lasted nearly a year. From then on, breakfast has always been our favorite time of day to go on a date when we get a chance.

We both don't need a super fancy breakfast, just give us some good old fashion bacon and eggs and we'll be happy! And for our dessert, we'll make sure to order a waffle to split! Almost every Saturday now when we don't have a wedding, we will sleep in and try a new breakfast place. This is especially fun when we're visiting a new city. When we go on these dates, we always try our best to be very intentional about what we're talking about.

We always encourage our couples or anyone in a relationship heading towards marriage to spend time intentional time together throughout the wedding planning process. We often remind our couples to go on a date and talk about anything BUT wedding planning. For Stephen and I, our breakfast time became our sacred space where we would turn off work and not talk about anything related to TréCreative (even though we really like talking about TréCreative). Stephen and I don't always take time for each other or our family. We're so passionate about our work it's easy to never want to flip the switch to off. We really need to do that more often. One goal this year is to get back to that space we created when we were first married. Where our phones were turned off, where we consumed way too many breakfast calories and just dreamed together.

So from now on, when you hear us talk about breakfast you'll understand the real meaning behind it. Breakfast means it's "us time" whether we're sharing that meal with each other or a friend who is visiting for the weekend. I encourage you to carve out that time in your life, wherever it is. Whether you're in the midst of wedding planning, starting your own business, or just need a little RNR, take some time to turn off!

Happy Friday friends! Enjoy a waffle or two for us this weekend :D