Memorable Monday - Road Trips


With wedding season in full gear again, we'll be spending a lot of time in our car. Listening to podcasts and audio books has become one of our favorite pastimes together. Occasionally one of us will continue working while the other one drives, but Stephen especially looks forward to this time to re-charge.

Our Week

  • Last week was a milestone in our business careers. Stephen took a leap of faith and launched a new product he has been working on for the past few months. I encourage you to watch his Insta Story (which may expire soon) or look at mine this afternoon for a complete rundown. In short, last October Stephen launched a Kendama accessory business and from there dreamed up a brand new product, the Pendama. He has always wanted to bring a product idea into reality and he finally did it. This is a very specific niche-market and I have loved seeing his enthusiasm grow for something new.
  • On Tuesday night, we turned our living room table into the assembly line for Saturday's Pendama launch. Our dining room always seems to have some new product or Amazon boxes on it. It's become our packing station.
  • We went to drinks with one of our couples this past week to catch up and dream up their wedding timeline together. They are so sweet and we're really looking forward to their destination wedding in May!
  • We finally gave you the full run scoop on the blog about why we love breakfast so much. I encourage you to read it over :D Also if you have any must go to breakfast spots in California, I'd love to know.
  • Speaking of breakfast, we had a destination wedding in South Lake Tahoe this past weekend and before heading to the wedding, we made sure to fuel up properly by going to breakfast. We found a little hole in the wall called Red Hut Café. If you're ever in that area, we highly recommend it!