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A few of our amazing TréCreative brides have asked a specific question in regards to keeping balance on your wedding day. This means it's time for another TréCreative Tips&Tricks.

We figured if one of our brides had this question, then surely, more brides would have the same. Stephen and I started this tips&tricks series to give helpful tips while planning a wedding for not only our own couples but for any bride planning her wedding.

Our bride specifically asked about how to balance your time on your wedding day, especially at the reception. She was curious about different ways to try to spend time with each guest all while still getting enough time with your spouse! This is an amazing question. If we're totally being honest, this can be a hard thing to accomplish especially with a really large guest list. Thankfully, we know some pretty amazing wedding planners all over California. We reached out to them to hear what they had to say. Hiring a wedding coordinator is an amazing investment. We can promise you will never regret hiring one. They do so many behind the scenes tasks. They often are the ones setting up your reception, making your beautiful wedding vision a reality, and so much more!

Elise from Brannan Events & Floral Design

  1. Hire a planner! A wedding planner will have great recommendations on how to set up the timeline to make sure you are getting the most out of your reception. Specifically, request for your planner to create a chunk of time in the timeline where you're able to walk around to every table. I usually find the best time is right after the grand entrance while the catering staff is putting the final touches on dinner. You may have to stop for dinner service but then you can pick it up again once the two of you are finished with your meals and before toasts.
  2. Opt to share a first look followed by portraits. For spending more one on one time with your new spouse, a first look is a must! 
  3. Take a minute together. If your venue has a bridal suite or a private room, take a minute right after the ceremony or family portraits to have a private moment with each other. You'll be bombarded with guests congratulating you for the rest of the night so it's important to appreciate being alone for a moment. Make sure you and your planner talk about this so that they can make sure to get you to the room and prevent people from going in and congratulating you before your ready.
  4. Sweetheart Table. I highly recommend a sweetheart table! Speaking as a bride who personally had a sweetheart table instead of a head table, itt's a great way to have some alone time with your new hubby without appearing anti-social. In my own experience, it also allowed me to have that time to look around and appreciate everyone who was there to support us without feeling overwhelmed.

Renée from Mariée Weddings

On your wedding day, it can be extremely chaotic and sometimes difficult to get the most out of your day with your spouse. Especially while still making time for your guests and loved ones. Here are some of our favorite ways to solve the endless problem of meeting, greeting and celebrating.

  1. A first look. Having a first look early can guarantee MORE time to spend with your new spouse and loved ones throughout the night. On the wedding day, your time will be spread thin. By taking pictures with your spouse and bridal party early, you will have more time to celebrate with your guests later.
  2. Join cocktail hour. I absolutely love when my clients mention they want to join cocktail hour. Joining cocktail hour doesn't mean you will be skipping out on a grand entrance (or photography), but it will give you a chance to spend time with your old college roommates, or a family member you have not seen in a long time. It will not be time wasted.
  3. Add an extra seat. We are a huge fan of adding extra seats to the tables (or even in front of your sweetheart/head table). This will give your guests a chance to stop to talk to you or even you stopping to talk to them. They will love the one on one time!
  4. Table visits with your photographer. Table visits are a great way to spend a few quick moments with all your guests and even get a picture with everyone. It's a super fast process, but it's a moment you will cherish forever.

Thank you Elise and Renée for passing along this amazingly helpful advice! For Stephen and I, we've seen the added bonuses of working with a wedding coordinator, having a first look and some of these other tips for sure. One of our favorite parts of the first look is after we take the photos of the moment, we'll step back and just let you two have some private time to yourself before we jump into portraits. We always tell our couples, you don't get much alone time on the wedding day, so soak it in and just enjoy each other!

Feel free to pass this information along to any bride planning her wedding who would find it helpful. Thanks for following!

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