Lakeside Pavilion Destination Wedding - Shannon&Lauria


Shannon&Lauria planned their Lakeside Pavilion destination wedding from afar!

They are from the Bay Area and soon after getting engaged, they went on the wedding venue hunt. They both love the water and wanted their wedding to have some kind of view of a Lake or body of water nearby. After searching all across Northern California for the perfect wedding venue, they stumbled across Lakeside Pavilion here in Chico and soon fell in love!

You don't even have to know Shannon&Lauria to see the happiness and joy they bring each other and the ones around them. It's pretty common for Stephen and I to have our cheeks sore after a wedding day. This was especially true for Shannon&Lauria's destination Chico wedding.

The day on which they were married also had significance to these two. It was the same anniversary of the day they started dating, the same anniversary of the day Shannon proposed and now it will also be their wedding anniversary! So cool!

Shannon&Lauria weren't afraid to do things out of the box for their wedding day. Lauria's beautiful engagement ring was the same color as the palette they chose for their wedding, blue and purple. Lauria has a beautiful singing voice and as she turned the corner to walk down the aisle, she had a microphone in hand and sang an amazing song to Shannon a cappella. This brought so many to tears and I loved watching Shannon's reaction as his beautiful bride made her way towards him. Shannon&Lauria wanted all their guests to enjoy themselves so in-between dancing on the dance floor, Chris from Chico Wedding DJ brought along a super fun karaoke machine with full on autotune that was a total hit.

These two have been such a joy and pleasure to work with! Enjoy some of our favorites from the day!



Photographer: TréCreative

Videographer: TréCreative

Venue: Lakeside Pavilion 

Coordination: CES Weddings & Events 

Floral: Cambray Rose Florist 

Caterer: Special Times Catering

Bakery: Cinful Desserts

DJ: The Wedding DJ Company

Hair: Platinum Salon

Make-up: Leah Jaynes

Bar Service: JB's