Memorable Monday - Our Hearts Are Overflowing


We feel like our hearts are still overflowing from an incredible wedding weekend spent here in Chico.

Our wedding on Saturday was simply incredible. I had attended high school with our couple and in some ways, it felt like a high school reunion for our Chico High class. Steven&Andie also got married at the same wedding venue Stephen and I did a little over four years ago. It's always good to be back at that venue that meant so much to us.

Our Week

  • Maybe it was the heat or that we're half way through our wedding season, but last week felt a little exhausting. Instead of trying to fight that exhaustion and work through it, we allowed ourselves some grace. We slept in a little longer on some mornings and skipped the gym. I'm the kind of girl who could easily sleep ten plus hours a night, I love my sleep. Stephen, on the other hand, can go to bed super late and wake up early no problem.
  • Tuesday's Together met last week in the morning for a coffee and doughnuts. We talked about SEO and keywords. Every time I share about The Rising Tide Society, there are always new people interested in hearing more. The Rising Tide Society was founded a little over two years ago by some of our friends on the East Coast. This is a monthly meet-up where creative entrepreneurs meet all over the country in the spirit of community over competition. It's not a networking meeting, but rather a place for creatives to feel inspired and encouraged. Stephen and I are the chapter's leaders here in Chico and we feel so honored to lead this amazing group here in our town. Being a self employed business owner can often feel isolating and really scary. We need others both online and in person to spur us on!
  • The longer Stephen and I are in business the more we realize how incredibly important it is to outsource certain parts of our business. We want to create systems that allow us to live a life we've always dreamed of. Stephen is the master of creating new residual income streams. Lately, on his spare time, he's been working a lot on setting up our passive income businesses behind the scenes, so proud of him!
  • Monday nights just don't seem the same now that my dance class is over! I really miss those ladies. At our Tuesday's Together meeting this week we were asked if we could choose any job what would it be. I said although I feel like I'm living my dream job right now, I think it would be awesome to be a backup dancer for Biancé. Haha, dreams can come true so maybe one-day Biancé and I will be best friends!
  • There were several things that made Steven&Andie's wedding day this Saturday so magical. They had beautiful details and had really thought out the experience they wanted for their wedding guests to have. On our way to sunset photos, I asked them what their favorite part of the day was so far and they expressed how much their wedding ceremony meant to them. They value legacy and Saturday was the start of Steven&Andie's marriage legacy that they will pass on to their kids and grandchildren!
  • We spent Father's Day with both our families for a BBQ. Afterward, Stephen and I came home and finished our Sunday cleaning the house (it was really messy) and I took a two-hour nap! Sundays are always a great day for us to spend either with family or resting up for the week ahead.