Luxury Leather Wedding Albums - California Wedding Photographer


We are always excited when our couples opt to get a wedding album because we believe wedding photos were never meant to just live on your computer!

Custom leather albums have become our all time favorite way to display our photos. They are thick, last a lifetime, and beautifully display our images that we will forever treasure!

We've had many couples ordering albums lately and since these two were local we decided to get their albums sent to us first so we could snap some quick photos for you all!

What we love most about albums is it's often our couple's first family heirloom. With everything these days turning to digital, it's so refreshing to have a physical form of your photos to hold and feel. You can keep these albums in your home for guests and family to look through. We imagine them living on over the years as our couple's future kids and grandkids will flip through the album and try to imagine the wedding that started it all.

The hardest part about ordering an album is narrowing down the photos you'd like in the album. When we deliver a wedding it could be 800 or more photos! Narrowing this down to 50-150 photos is not the easiest task, but it's totally doable!

With our online gallery system there's a "favorite" feature, where you can click a little heart and it will add the photo to your favorites gallery. We recommend that our couples go through their gallery and favorite their top pics. Then from there, go to their favs gallery and un-favorite any duplicates or images that are similar. This truly helps determine the best of the best to live in your album for years to come.

From there, we'll take all your favorite photos and design them into an album layout that tells the story of the day from start to finish. We send our couples the design for approval and then we move into our favorite part, choosing the album material, size and cover design. Often, couples will choose a leather color that compliments the wedding or the decor in their house where they'll keep the album.

Stephen and I have made a commitment to print our own photos in albums over the years! With Instagram it's so easy to keep your photos online and never actually print them. We've been taking our adventures and fun life photos and making them into smaller albums to keep around the house to remember these fun times together. It's so fun to look back on and see where we've been and how far we've come!