Memorable Monday - An Abnormal Week

This week has been anything but normal here at the TreCrib. We had a lot happen in our personal lives that has made us stop, put our hands up and just roll with the situation at hand!

Our Week

  • We are not trying to create a sob story, but we've promised to be real and vulnerable with anyone reading our blog. We want to share with you, the good, the really hard and sometimes the ugly. This week has been part of the hard times. Two weeks ago my grandmother passed away and this week Stephen's grandfather passed away! Although we mourn their passing, we have hope confidence that both grandparents are in heaven! I think the hardest part is watching our own parents grieve and walking closely with them for comfort and support along the way. Grieving has a way of making you think about your life, the legacy you want to live and help create for others. Stephen's mom wrote up the most beautiful tribute to her dad which you can read here. He and his wife Doris truly lived a life worth living, so adventurous and inspiring! We hope one day we can look back on our lives and have been as brave and adventurous as these two were. The legacy that they have started will live on for generations.
  • More than anything this week, we have never felt so called to steward our gifts well. We want to be photographers and videographers who help create a legacy for our couples. We believe so strongly in marriage because it has been modeled beautifully for us! Marriage is hard, it's not usually a storybook romance, but it's a beautiful thing and something we want to fight hard for!
  • Stephen got a new camera this week. He has been doing lots of research and weighing the odds about investing in such a hefty camera. We made the plunge confidently together and really think this will take our commercial work to the next level. The camera is modular so it comes in all these different pieces and every day the company has been sending him the new parts he needs...although he hasn't received everything he needs to play with it fully yet. He's been like a kid of Christmas morning every day this week as new parts show up. Check out his Instagram Story to follow along on his camera fun!
  • I signed up for my 17-week hip-hop dance class! I finally caved and took the plunge. I had missed the first session because we were traveling so last week I felt really rusty! In fact, I felt like a complete goof if I'm being completely honest. Don't worry, I'll be talking more about this later in the week and how fear can paralyze us so easily if we let it!
  • Speaking of fear, we've created a newsletter that we would love you to be a part of! This feels like a leap of faith because whenever we create new content or try something new, there's always a little hesitation that no one will read it or care about what we have to say! We're jumping straight in head first! Go sign up now and see what it's all about!