Makeup Tips for Your Engagement Session - TréCreative Tips&Tricks


In the last few weeks, California has graced us with the most beautiful weather. With the holidays behind us, Spring is always a popular time for engagement photos. One of the first things we hear from our brides when they opt to have their makeup professionally done is the hesitation on the amount of makeup that has been applied.

It goes a little something like this, they jump out of the car and I'm always so excited to see what our couples decide to wear. Often times they'll say something like how's my makeup, is it too much? I can also speak from experience because I've felt this exact way in the past. Often times when our brides see themselves after getting their professional makeup done, they feel like it's too much. This is especially true if you're not used to wearing a lot of makeup on a regular basis. I'm here to tell you that rest assured, a good makeup artist knows how much to put on. Even if you're feeling like it's still too much, we promise it'll look good in photos.

Often times a little extra looks amazing on camera and really pops! So for those of you brides who are planning your engagement session and worried about this element, have no doubt. Adding a little extra to your overall look only enhances the natural beauty you have!

Take the opportunity to get fancy, dressed up, and maybe go out for dinner afterwards! Don't shy away from splurging, this is a once in a lifetime photo shoot!