Memorable Monday - Thank Goodness For Coffee!


In October, Stephen and I decided we wanted to up our coffee game and invest in an espresso machine. I joke that the TréCafe is now open for business. Since then, we have enjoyed learning more about the complexities of coffee and have gotten more coffee accessories. Lately, we've been especially loving using our V60 because of its speed and taste. Having good coffee with our early morning breakfast always seems like the icing on the cake. This past week, we needed that extra boost of coffee!

Our Week

  • I'm halfway through my dance class by now and the time sure is flying! I wish I had more time to take up random hobbies like this but for now, this class has definitely been fueling me!
  • Our church has been going through a series all about work and it has been so eye-opening. The way we work and what we do has been put in a completely new perspective in all the best ways. If you're interested I highly recommend checking out the podcast!
  • Stephen spent all day Saturday with a YouTuber named Mark Rober in the bay area. He was helping him film for an upcoming video he's going to be releasing to his audience this month, stay tuned! It involved hot wheels cars and needless to say Stephen had a great time.
  • I had a really good conversation with a friend this week that made me think all about where Stephen and I first started. Our heart behind our business has always stayed the same, yet other areas may soon be changing. We can't get stuck in our ways and think that the systems that worked back then will always work well.
  • Most of our Spring travels are for destination weddings which means we'll be spending a lot of time in the car together. We love listening to podcasts and have been currently listening to S Town! I highly recommend far (we're only three cahpters in but it's good so far)!

Photo above taken by Katelyn Owens, edit by TréCreative