Memorable Monday - TréCreative Photography

Can you believe it's already Monday?!? The weekend totally flew by with some amazing adventures and goals being accomplished since last week's Memorable Monday, the newest series we've embarked on here on the TréCreative blog. If you missed last week's it's a short recap of our week. A public diary of sorts of all things Stephen&Chelsey!

Our Week:

  • At youth group last week we took our Bumperz out for a second go around. These are entertainment for hours and our high school students really loved running around and knocking each other over in the church's gym.

  • We had our first backyard bonfire at the TréCrib. We sent out a mass text to a bunch of friends, which had little to no response about whether or not people were going to come. We thought we might be the only ones in attendance. Then almost everyone we invited was able to come and we ran out of lawn chairs and had to use a cooler for people to sit on around the warm fire. It was so fun! This will definitely not be the last bonfire with friends!

  • I (Chelsey) spent time with my grandmother over the weekend and learned a lot from her! She totally amazes me! In the last couple months, she has taken up classes taught all over Chico for senior citizens. These have ranged from computer classes talking about social media, to guitar and even ukulele lessons. At any age, I never want to stop learning and challenging myself to grow!

  • We had two AMAZING engagement sessions this week. One here in Chico and the other in San Francisco. We love our TréCreative couples so much and it is always such a pleasure to hang out with them!

  • I have been saving this one for last because I have probably been looking forward to it since last year! Some of you might remember how Stephen broke his arm last year?!? Well the same weekend that he did that, we had a trip planned to Apple Hill with friends. I ended up going without him that year, but it just wasn't the same. So this Sunday, we pilled in a big car and took a trip to Apple Hill with friends. We ate apple donuts, drank apple cider and brought way too many apples back home to Chico with us. We haven't had weekends off in so long, we're still getting the hang of this "weekend" thing! We treasure our time with our friends and want to always be going on lots of adventures together when we get the chances. The awesome thing about these two couples is that they were TréCreative couples as well! We feel so blessed to walk through weddings and then life with our couples! It's moments like these that make you reach a little deeper, sit a little longer and soak in every second. Among eating lots of yummy apples, we had some great conversations. These conversations are still carrying over into today and I am so grateful for them!

Enjoy some of our photos from Apple Hill near Placerville California!

Ahh, we never get pictures together when we're on adventures, thanks Rachel!