Memorable Monday - The End of Summer


September is approaching fast and it marks a very busy month for us! We've been telling ourselves, this is our last big hurrah before the holidays hit. But if we're really being honest, Thanksgiving and Christmas will probably be just as busy for us as well (and we're okay with that)!

We'll be doing lots of traveling all over the Bay Area and in Sonoma and Napa for weddings. In fact, all our September weddings are out of town. Although we love the familiarity of Chico venues and getting work with our hometown vendor peeps, we love to travel and adventure to new locations. Whenever we're shooting at a new location, we always arrive early or the day before to do location scouting to make sure we're fully prepared for the venue and any lighting situations that may arise. There will be lots of San Francisco city flair and beautiful vineyard weddings gracing the blog very soon! Due to all the travel, I'm sure the house will stay a little bit messy and the laundry will for sure pileup, oh well!

Our Week

  • If you follow along during my Instagram stories, you saw we were taking some fun interior design photos for our amazing friend Shannon from The Design Renegade. Shannon is actually the designer who helped us create and style our "shelfie" in our family room which we plan on revealing fully later this week!
  • Speaking of revealing our TréCrib interior photos, we have been putting those on the back burner for way too long now. If you're a photographer, you know sometimes your own personal projects get put to the side and that is definitely the case with our house photos. We tried guys! We tried two different times last week to take these before and after photos of our house, whether it was one thing or another it just didn't work out. It's on the calendar for tomorrow guys, it's going to happen!! Keep us accountable!!
  • We went and saw a new movie with friends. For anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to date night in Chico, every Tuesday at the theater there's discounted movie tickets. So we went on a double date for ten dollars, not bad!
  • We drove to Corning this week to visit one of our past TréCreative couples and good friends. They just moved and we haven't seen them in a while. Plus, they have a pretty cute baby I got to snuggle with! We love each and every one of our couples! The TréCreative family keeps growing and we are so honored to walk alongside so many amazing couples on their wedding days!!
  • Saturday's wedding was absolutely beautiful! Jeremy&Maggie's ceremony made me tear up! When we arrived in the morning, Maggie greeted us with a big hug and huge smiles! From then on, the day was simply magical! In case you missed the teaser of this beautiful couple on Facebook, here it is again :D