Memorable Monday - It Feels Like Summer


For the first time this week, it truly felt like summer. In the town we live in, we'll have the most beautiful Spring weather and then all of a sudden towards the end of May, it will feel like a heat wave just hit us. That totally happened this week and right now, the air conditioner in the TréCrib is on full blast! Okay okay, I might be a little dramatic about how hot it's gotten, but it always takes me a few weeks to acclimate to the new changes. Anyone else feel that way?!?

Our Week

  • Stephen has been asking me to the last few months to make him a chiropractor appointment. I finally did and we both had a monthly checkup with my favorite chiropractor in town. By the end of a wedding day, my back would totally ache. Since committing to going to the chiropractor regular, the pain has gone away. I'm a total believer in the chiropractor and slowly convincing Stephen of the health benefits although he's still a skeptic at heart.
  • I talked on the blog about what we look for when booking an Airbnb. This last weekend was graduation weekend here in Chico. Because it's such a small town, all the hotels get booked up a year in advance making it a prime time to rent out your whole house on Airbnb. This was the first time we did a whole house rental and we had huge success. An amazing family stayed in our entire home while we spent a couple nights at Stephen's parent's spare bedroom. If you're thinking about renting your entire home out for Chico State's graduation weekend, we highly recommend it!
  • We haven't had very good work-life balance this past week. It literally felt like we were working from sunrise to sunset. Some weeks will feel like that during wedding season, but we're hoping this week so settle into a better work-life balance routine.
  • I'm cherishing these next few Monday's because my dance class is almost over :(
  • On his way to a video commercial project, Stephen's hotel reservation was canceled and he ended up having to sleep in our car. The reason for the cancellation is kinda complicated but he didn't' seem to mind. When we called me the next day in between shooting locations, we both agreed it was a good thing I wasn't with him. Stephen always jokes that we should camp out in our car but I would prefer to sleep in a comfy bed and wake up to a clean shower. He handled the situation much better than I would have if we were together! Luckily, our Honda element's seats do flip down into a somewhat-flat bed and we always keep a blanket in there so he was pretty comfy. A quick stop at the Marriot down the street before his shoot to freshen up and change and he was good to go!
  • My best friend Chelsea, (spelled differently than my name) was visiting for the weekend. Both Stephen and I took most of Friday off which we desperately needed. Chels showed up at just the right time and I'm so thankful we got to spend time together!

Now I'm off to make another smoothie!