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Memorable Monday – Happy February

Where did January go?!? It was as if we blinked and the whole month was over and now we’re into February. We’re all about celebrating the small accomplishments and also the big ones. January was a big month for Stephen and me not only for #trecreative but also in our personal lives. We celebrated ten years of dating, TEN years. I can’t believe I’m saying that! That makes me feel old, nostalgic and very grateful all at the same time.

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Memorable Monday - Chico State Graduation

One of the things I love about getting closer to summer is the amount of extra light we have to enjoy! The sun rises early and sets late, making our day feel extra long. We’ve really been trying to wake up early and work out around 6am. With the sun rising early, it has really made it so much easier to get out of bed. We’ve enjoyed this morning routine as we punch through our to-do lists. Happy Monday friends!

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