Memorable Monday - Our Home Almost Burned Down!


The longer we have our house, the more we become increasingly grateful for the space and place we call home. I've never been a homebody. Lately however, after having something almost every single night of the week this month, it's been so refreshing to just relax at home! After spending time away, even just running errands, I grow with excitement knowing I'll be home soon. A home is a safe place. A place where I can enter with peace and comfort. Now, don't worry! Our house didn't burn down this week, but we did have a close call! Read more to find out what happened...

Our Week

  • We have been praying and hoping for the last year about having some older mentors in our lives. We really wanted an older couple to come alongside of us, walk with and encourage us. It'd be even more awesome if this couple owned their own business and worked together like us! We really believe there is something so important about accountability and having the older generation pour out their wisdom. Through a whole slew of events, a lovely couple (who owns their own business and works together too) basically fell into our laps and has graciously offered to meet with us and mentor us regularly. We feel so blessed and are beyond grateful to this answered prayer!
  • You may have seen on Instagram or Snapchat (follow along at trecreative) that I met up with some of my favorite creative businesses owners here in Chico for a work day! It was SO fun! My friends KatieKatelyn and I spent the afternoon together tackling our inbox, editing and spending time together. These women have been so encouraging to me and understand the importance of community. I'm sure this will be the first of many get-together work days! While I was away, Stephen cashed in on his precious introverted time working alone at home.
  • On Wednesday, Stephen turned 26! Stephen is probably one of the easiest, low key people I know, so his birthday was also pretty chill! I took him to Cafe Coda, a breakfast place in Chico we've been wanting to go to, spent some of the day working, and went to a new(ish) pizza place called Pop's Pizza for dinner. Stephen LOVES pizza so I knew we couldn't properly celebrate his birthday unless pizza was involved. Our friends had been raving about the chicken and waffle pizza and we had to see what the fuss was all about. It proved to be the most odd mix of ingredients but it tasted simply amazing, highly recommend giving it a shot!
  • On Saturday, I noticed my phone needed to be charged and reached for my charger near by bed. When I picked up the charger I felt a warm heat coming from it and realized my charger was completely melted. I soon realized my phone would no longer charge at all! Long story short, we were using a non-apple, third party charger. You know those cheap ones you can buy at a gas station or something? Don't use those! The one I had been using almost burned down our house. It completely fried the inside of my phone and I would no longer be able to charge it. The closest Apple Store to Chico is in Sacramento and thankfully they had an appointment available. After church on Sunday, we headed down to get my phone fixed. Luckily, it was under warranty so everything was free! Lesson learned, throw away your cheap chargers and use Apple certified ones only! What was a seemingly annoying event turned into a great excuse to have a date night. After my phone was fixed we went to a delicious dinner in Sacramento, did some house shopping and had a great evening together! Often times when we go on dates, we still talk about business. We're trying to be more intentional about "turning off" work, especially on dates!
  • The Rising Tide Summit happened last week. Because we had something else almost every single night of the week, I wasn't able to tune in for the live stream. Instead, on Friday and over the weekend I watched the replays. The Rising Tide Society and it's Tuesdays Together meetings are amazing movements that are changing the industry. If you're a small business owner you won't want to miss the next summit they do! We have a high value for education and hearing from these speakers left us inspired. Stephen snagged a quick candid shot of me lounging on our new comfy chair we picked up at a vintage thrift store downtown after his birthday breakfast, what an awesome find! This is the same chair I wrote this blog post from and am feeling like it will be my new productive spot in the house! Happy Monday friends!!