Memorable Monday - When it Rains It Pours


You know the saying "when it rains it pours"? That seemed to be the case for us this week around the TreCrib!

I've promised myself that these Memorable Monday post would be real. The fun and good, AND the bad and the ugly!  They are meant to give you a glimpse into our life on a weekly basis. A chance to hear about our business, our marriage and the events that happen throughout the week that shape our character. Stephen and I are real people with real struggles. Social media can make it seem like people have it all together, when in reality they don't! I personally am guilty of posting more often when life is going well rather than when things are going poorly. In an attempt to change that, let me share some valuable lessons I learned this week.

Our Week

  • We spent the majority of Monday with a camera in hand! We started the morning off filming at a local Almond Shelling Company in the surrounding Chico area. This has been one of our year long projects and Monday was our last filming day before we head into post production.
  • Monday evening, I got to hang out with one of my favorite high school students and take her senior portraits! Every Wednesday night, Stephen and I volunteer at our church's youth group with local high schoolers. Mikaela was a little squeamish freshman when we began and now has become such a beautiful mature senior graduating in less than 3o days! It's crazy to think how time has flown. Four years ago, Stephen and I were planning our wedding and had just gotten engaged! We care deeply for these students and are honored to walk with them! Some of our high schoolers are going through really challenging things. Home life isn't always the best and school can be rough. If I could go back and tell my high school self one thing it would be have confidence. I lacked so much confidence in high school. I was afraid to be completely myself, afraid of failure, afraid of standing out and standing up for what I believed in. I still struggle with this but as I've gotten older that confidence has made me stronger and I pray these girls find this too!
  • For the past six months or so, we have been saving and dreaming of big beautiful white built-in cabinets to go next to the fireplace in our living room. I have been waiting to show off photos of this particular area downstairs until these cabinets were built. This was the week, all that dreaming was being installed on Wednesday! The cabinets are amazing! They are big and beautiful and fit perfect, BUT after a second take, we realized they are the wrong color, they're Grey Owl (like our walls), not white! Long story short this is partially our fault and partially the painters. Unfortunately, we'll have to pay full price again have them repainted, dang!
  • On top of that bad news, when the cabinets were being installed, one of the builders pointed out a water spot above the cabinets and suggested we get it looked at. After further investigation, we found out our master bathroom upstairs has a leak! Not sure how a house as new as ours has a leaking toilet already, but these are the "joys of homeownership" as everyone keeps saying. We're thankful we don't have any nasty black mold growing and caught the leak sooner rather than later.
  • The above issues with the house and the painters were really hard for me to swallow! My first reaction was not kind. I wanted to point the finger at someone else and play the blame game. Even the silly leak I felt like I needed someone to blame. I'm not very proud of this attitude I had and soon was blindsided by how ungrateful I was about this whole situation. I finally realized, this is a part of owning a home. Unexpected events are just a part of life. I can choose to embrace them with joy, or I can choose to be ungrateful and dig myself into a self-pity hole. I learned this week that I need to be grateful. No one is dying, and this problem is so temporary and meaningless in the grand scheme of life! If only that was my first reaction instead of having a bad attitude most of the week!
  • The majority of our meals last week were curated by Hello Fresh! Every once in a while we get a discount code for their services, so we always give it a try! Sometimes by the end of the day, I'm so exhausted and creatively drained. The last thing I want to do is create another delicious meal. So this week Hello Fresh did that for us! I would encourage anyone who needs some fresh cooking ideas or those who don't like grocery shopping to try it out!
  • Remember the Krenek Family?? Almost 2 years ago we photographed and filmed the whole pregnancy process for this adorable family. This past week, mom and dad welcomed TWO TWIN GIRLS into the world! This amazing family have been so good to us and we are overwhelmed with love as they welcome new additions to their family. We've had so many past TréBrides have babies this year and it's melted my heart! Children are such a gift and I hope someday to be as good of a mom as Kayla is!
  • Our weekend was kicked off with photographing one of our TréCreative couples at their downtown engagement session! Oscar&Angelica are getting married later this year and we can't wait to introduce you to them! In the meantime, enjoy a little tease from their engagement session below!