Memorable Monday - A New Product (Launching Tomorrow)


Monday are affectionately called admin Mondays around our office and today is no different for us. We have a packed full day of meetings and tomorrow we will be launching a new product we are very excited about!

This new product has nothing to do with photography or videography but will definitely benefit the creative industry. In my opinion, Stephen is a shining example of what it means to be a creative innovator and entrepreneur. Since starting his Kendama company on the side, he's been diving deeper and deeper into the e-commerce world and has launched over ten innovative products and four new brands in the past year. The fun part is we can totally use our photography and videography skills to market these new products. The information we've been learning about this industry has totally been applicable to TréCreative as well and we feel so excited about these new ideas that have been brewing and how they're going to grow our business!

Our Week

  • Stephen has been spending our "off hours" taking photos and recording videos for this new launch. With these new side-businesses his goal is to not take time away from TréCreative duties, so he spends his time after work hours working on more work! I know, it sounds crazy, but he really enjoys it, it's almost like his hobby. While I relax and turn on Netflix after a long day, he's typing away on his computer building something or other. This week in preparation for the new product launch we made a few videos where we were "on camera" talking. I can honestly say after this experience we're so thankful we're not YouTubers. The amount of editing and takes it took to make a simple video was a lot more than expected. I'm sure we'll cut together a blooper video at a later date because some of the outtakes are hilarious!
  • We had our monthly Tuesday's Together meet-up and this month's topic was about Creative Risk Taking. Our good friend Nicole from Nicole and Co led our discussion. We talked about how every opportunity can be considered a risk and that sometimes we have to be brave and just go for it. We need to bloom where we're planted! If you're interested in joining our Chico Tuesday's Together, we'd love to have you, all creatives and business owners are welcome.
  • On Thursday, I headed out with Nicole and our friend Shannon from The Design Renegade to Sohnrey Family Farms to shoot some product photography for their yearly catalog. Shannon is the amazing local stylest and interior designer who styled our TréCrib Shelfie. This shoot was not something we always do or have time for, but I loved the opportunity to collab with these amazing ladies! Stephen stayed home to get extra editing done and soaked in his introvert time!
  • Tis' the season for Fall engagement sessions! Between our Fall weddings each weekend and engagement sessions during the week, we have a packed calendar the next few weeks. On Friday we drove up to Quincy and meet one of our couples for a woodsy engagement session near the Cascades. We took a little hike to a beautiful location our couple has adventured to before. Stay tuned for a full blog post of their Northern California engagement session coming soon!
  • We had a Saturday off which meant sleeping in, riding our bikes to Farmer's Market, drinking coffee and getting extra work done around the house!

P.S. If you want more information about the new product we're launching TOMORROW, follow this Instagram account or like this Facebook Page :)

Cheers to Monday!