Memorable Monday – Table Mountain Adventures


I'm writing this blog post in my most productive workwear ever! Yoga pants, baggy t-shirt and no makeup! Today I went from workout clothes, to the gym, back home to shower (and then back in workout clothes).

Our Week

  • We changed things up a bit on the Blog and TréCreative Website! Go take a look around! There was a pretty big facelift that happened! With any new change comes new workflows and systems. For me, changing up things to learn something new is very frustrating! Like really frustrating!! Stephen and I spent the majority of our week finalizing our new website and working out a lot of unexpected kinks. It's really hard to keep our cool and not take our frustration out on one another especially when we sit right next to each other at work. Most of the time last week we failed at letting our frustration get the best of us. Marriage is such a refining process, isn't it? All our flaws are out on the table being tested constantly to make us better people.
  • On Monday and Tuesday we had two Kickstarter clients fly out from New York with their awesome product to be filmed all over Chico. Instead of keeping all our Kickstarter work on TréCreative we decided to make an entirely new website devoted to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding and promotional films. You can check that out by clicking that link! Stephen stayed up way to late but he built this site in one day!
  • On Friday we headed out early down to the Bay Area. In the morning we did some real estate photo and video for a solar company. In the afternoon, we explored the city! Lately, I have been eyeing a pair of Bryr Clogs. Oh my gosh, these shoes are amazing. I have been saving each month and Stephen let me splurge and order a pair! Each pair of clogs are made to order right in the Bryr Studio in San Francisco by the owner and her awesome team. I pretty much plan on only wearing these shoes in the summer!!
  • After exploring around the city, we ended our evening at an engagement session with one of our new TréCreative couples. I know we say this a lot but we seriously had SO much fun with Mike&KK!! They greeted us with warm smiles and asked us everything about how we met, the TréCreative name and our love for puppy sitting! Their joy throughout the session was truly contagious, our cheeks hurt from smiling along with these two. We ended the session on Baker Beach where our couple ran all over the beach together, not even by the chilly weather! Can't wait to introduce you to these two soon! This session was such a breath of fresh air and made us realize how much we LOVE weddings!
  • Contrary to last week, this time we headed home right after our San Francisco trip to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Saturday we woke up and headed out to meet some of our friends to hike Table Mountain. If you're not from the Chico area, Table Mountain is this huge plateau filled with thousands and thousands of wild flowers. You can hike to hidden waterfalls, take a picnic or just lay in the flowers under the warm sunshine. We took a little detour that may or may not have involved a little trespassing but led to a massive and breathtaking waterfall!
  • On Sunday we were finally were able to go to our home church! This is always such a treat! Looking back on the week after church, I was reminded of the importance of rest. The importance of physical, mental and emotional rest. Last week was full of amazing things but it felt like we were both running a million miles an hour. I don't want to take for each day for granted, I want to fully live in God's grace and his provision!