Chico Wedding Photographer - Tyler&Maddie


Maddie walked up to me in 8th grade, introduced herself, and proceeded to say, "we are going to be best friends!" My answer was a simple "okay" and from then on she has become such a dear friend to me! We graduated middle school together, attended the same high school (go Panthers!) and almost three years ago to the day, she stood by my side as Stephen and I were married!

This has been the picture of our friendship. We haven’t always lived in the same place or been in the same friend circle, but we have always known we can count on one another throughout different stages of life! Maddie has always been a phone call away with a listening ear. She is a loyal friend who loves others well! 

And then there's Tyler, let me tell you about Tyler! From the small amount we have been around him and watched him and Maddie interact, it is clear how much he truly cares about her! It's clear how much they make each other better. Together, they are even more loyal friends. They spur each other on, know how to make each other laugh through the tough times and sometimes just be completely goofy around each other!

This wedding was special in so many ways for me! Not only did we have the privilege of photographing this wedding but I had the honor of being a bridesmaid as well!

Doing bridal prep photos in pajamas is definitely the way to go! Stephen totally killed it with bridal party photos and covering the majority of the day without me, major proud wife moment! I joked with Cassandra and Megan from the Power Room that it was finally my time to get my makeup done by them. These girls are amazing at what they do and it was such a treat! I’ll have to think of more special occasions to get my makeup done, thats how relaxing it was!!

What an honor to be a part of this wedding day in more ways than one! Congrats to these two wonderful friends, we can’t wait to see as the next chapter in your lives unfolds!