Memorable Monday - A Week Full of Meetings


Can you believe it's already August? Summer is totally flying by and we've enjoyed meeting with so many potential 2017 wedding couples, especially this past week!

Our new car has been serving us well! So far, Stephen has driven it down to Napa twice for our ongoing video commercial project and have had our first bride to ride in it this past weekend which was fun. Insurance has been incredibly slow on getting back to us about any news about our old car. In the meantime, we're so happy we haven't waited around for insurance!

Our Week

  • Like mentioned earlier, we have been scheduling many wedding consultations lately. When the summer rolls around, couples get engaged or want to catch up on their wedding planning for the next season. We've met some incredible people and we're excited to continue growing our TréCreative family!
  • I've been walking in the park with a friend at least once a day if not more. Bidwell Park is literally in our back yard and I'm so thankful I've been taking advantage of it.
  • I found out I celebrated two years of going back to the chiropractor! Stephen isn't quite a believer but he's slowly coming around. At almost every wedding reception, my back used to start to ache from carrying such heavy equipment around all day. Since going back to the chiropractor, I can honestly say that that is no longer the case. YAY!
  • There's been a cute black cat hanging out in our backyard for some time now. Even though Stephen is allergic, it's SO nice so we both pet the cat and even sometimes feed it. I know I know, not a good idea, but we're kinda starting to really like seeing this cute cat around!
  • We got to watch cute little Trooper this week! He's such a cutie and I loved having a little pup around to follow my every move for a day!
  • Saturday's wedding took place in the Placerville area. It was such an honor for us to be at this wedding. Ryan and Charlotte contacted us the same day they got engaged. We had photographed Ryan's sister's wedding two years before and we were so happy to spend time with this incredible family again! The picture below is of the six of us, love these friends!!