Oneonta Gorge Elopement Photographer - Portland Wedding Photographer - Alex&Molly


Alex&Molly reached out to us a few months ago explaining their plans to elopement just outside of Portland, Oregon. So much heart went into their email which made us really excited to possibly work with them. Molly had shared that our work brought her to tears which is always such a HUGE compliment!

Alex&Molly met while serving in the Air Force together and have had their fair share of deployments and being far away from one another. Yet through the distance their love remains! They shared with us how they have a love for the outdoors and after seeing the Oneonta Gorge online, they were set! When they first started looking into places to get married, they orginally thought the gorge was closer to their home state of New Jersey. Even though the Oneonta Gorge is located in Oregon, Alex&Molly were already sold on it and thought it would be an amazing place to have their elopement. When we ventured out to this location with them for the first time, we totally saw why!

Since Alex&Molly had never been to Oregon previously, it was just as much of an adventure for them as it was for us. We met up with the couple as Molly was finishing her hair and makeup at Hotel Vintage, a gorgeous hotel located in downtown Portland. After they packed their clothes in dry bags, we headed to the Oneonta Gorge located about 40 minutes outside of Portland.

When we drove up to what we thought was the location, the area was covered in thick trees and everywhere you looked bright green colors filled the landscape. It was sprinkling rain a little bit as we found the trailhead and began our hike. Together, we hiked to the waterfall where Alex&Molly would exchange their vows. Along with us came Alex&Molly's daughter Jasmine and friend and officiant Jennifer. We all made it over the 20 foot high long jam and trenched through neck deep freezing cold water to make it to the waterfall. It was all 100% worth it! The views along the way and when we got there were breathtaking!!

After Alex&Molly pulled their fresh clothes out of their protective dry bags, the rain cleared just in time and we had the place to ourselves when the ceremony started. Their ceremony was so special and intimate, just what the two had envisioned. With the waterfall in the background, vows were said, rings were exchanged (including one to their sweet daughter Jasmine), the couple kissed and any nearby hiker applauded for the couple.

This is one wedding we will never forget! Thank you Alex&Molly for taking us on this amazing exploration. We love your spontaneous and adventurous spirits. Thank you for standing in freezing cold water while we took your portraits and asking us to be a part of such an intimate ceremony!

Enjoy some of our favorite photos below the day unfolded. Oh and we'll have a film of all this fun coming soon, stay tuned!


The water was a little deeper than we anticipated, so while these two were getting changed, we made a "stage" for them to stand on out of rocks. It's also where they had their first look right before the ceremony!

The waterfall!

Hiking back to the car officially as husband and wife!

The four adventurers all the way out from the East Coast! Congrats you guys!!!