Chico Engagement Photography - Jovanni&Laura


Two very special people are on the blog yet again! This time Jovanni&Laura's very own engagement session with us.

When I married into Stephen's family and became a "Diaz", I gained new perspective and the sister I had always wanted! That's one of the amazing things about marriage! You're not only marrying your best friend and adventure buddy, but you now get to be a part of another amazing family. I have learned so much about generosity, hospitality and God's faithfulness from being a Diaz!

Although Jovanni&Laura don't live anywhere near Stephen and I, we were able to spend time with them at Christmas and hear about this relationship as it grew. After meeting Jovanni for the first time, we could see how naturally and easily he fit into the family. They will be the first to tell you that God has been so faithful in bringing them together at the perfect time. Their story is one filled with adventure after another in trusting Jesus. The more time we spend with them, the more we see what an amazing compliment they truly are together. Laura's strengths are paired perfectly with Jovanni's strengths and together they glean and grow from one another.

Laura showed me her different outfits a few days before their session and it got me so excited! The beautiful white dress she was wearing for pictures was a gift from a sweet friend and looked stunning on Laura! Jovanni&Laura really loved Chico State's campus and architecture so we started there for their engagement photos. Just as the sun began to set and create our favorite natural warm glowing light, we headed to one of our favorite spots in Upper Park to finish their engagement session. There's something about a Chico sunset that we just love!

After our engagement session with these two they treated us to dinner which was so thoughtful of them! We're are beyond excited to head to Panama later this year for this wedding and to continue to spend more time with these two while their still visiting Chico over the next couple of weeks. Jovanni&Laura, we are ecstatic for you two. Thank you for including us in your wedding day and continuing to teach us about God's faithfulness!