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Here is another installment of The Quick Six where we interview and introduce to you some of our amazing wedding "friendors" in the Chico area!

We're so excited to introduce you to Jodi from CES Weddings and Events! We love working with a wedding planner because of how seamless they make a wedding day run. We love the value our couples experiences from the wedding planning process too! Brides can stress so much over their wedding details. What needs to be where, and who needs to be can all be overwhelming. A great wedding planner or day of coordinator really can eliminate that stress. They come alongside other vendors and become such an amazing advocate for you and your family on your wedding day.

What we love so much about Jodi and her team is their deep love for their couples and their families. Jodi is extremely passionate about building a strong relationship through this process and embodies many of the same values that Stephen and I do! Every member of her team is amazing as well. They all have a heart for service and our couples have done nothing but rave about their services!!

If you're new to this series, we're featuring local vendors and have six questions that we're asking each of them. Read Jodi from CES Wedding and Events answers below! We hope they're helpful to you or you can share them with a friend who's in the midst of planning!

1. Introduce yourself and share a fun fact about yourself that not everyone knows.

I am Jodi Drysdale and I have been in the wedding industry since I could walk! Literally, my parents owned an event planning firm in Southern California and for as long as I can remember, probably since around 5 years old, I was selling raffle tickets or checking people in at registration, throwing linens on name it, I did it. I began CES in 2007, and I've never looked back. After almost 300 weddings, I am constantly reminded that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be! When I'm not helping people plan one of the most important days of their lives, I am usually snuggling with my two kiddos, enjoying a great meal with my friends, or torturing myself at Orange Theory Fitness. I am so blessed to get to do work I love everyday!

2. What is one of your favorite thing about designing wedding planner?

My favorite thing about being a wedding planner is the relationships. Relationships with my couples, their family and friends, our 'friendors' (vendor-friends) and my team. I love seeing a vision come together. I love seeing people using their gifts and talents to create something that simply couldn't be done without them. I love creating moments of connection. Yes, I love pretty things, and flowers and dresses, but I love, the love. Those are my favorite thing about this 'work'.

3. What is one thing most brides don’t know or realize about when they hire a professional in your field?

The value we truly add. I often tell people, when they invest in a wedding planner or even a day of coordinator, they are hiring us for our experience and they are allowing all of their vendors to shine. There are other vendors, typically photographer and DJ, that can definitely help you put together a timeline, but by hiring a planner/coordinator, whose focus is purely on managing the flow and filling the gaps, you allow the other vendors to focus on their area of expertise. We are your advocate...our goal is to deliver you the wedding of YOUR dreams!

4. What is your best advice for a bride planning her wedding (can be related to your field or just general)? 

Pick your top 3 MUST haves and let those drive your decisions. If you have a certain photographer you want, start there. If it's the venue, start there. Decide on the things that matter most and knock those out first!  Look for vendors who work together often. Ask friends for recommendations. In the end, trust the team of professionals you've hired.

5. What are some of your favorite wedding trends (or trends you would like to see in the future)?

I am all about making your wedding a reflection of my couples! I met with a couple this week who met in college at CSU, Chico, live the Bay Area, and are coming back to have their wedding in Chico. They love Chico, not just because it's where they met, but because of all the great local things there are to do here! We talked about subtle ways we can make the wedding weekend a reflection of at Sierra Nevada, gift bags with local products, serving Shuberts Ice Cream at their wedding...lots of local gems. I think it's important to make sure your wedding is a reflection of you adds to the beauty and experience for your guests.

6. When picking a wedding planner, what are some good questions and things a bride should look for?

For me it's all about connection. Your wedding planner needs to be someone you want to hang out you will likely spend 50 or so hours with them over the course of planning and executing your wedding. I would definitely ask about their vendor relationships. After 10 years in this industry, there are very few professional vendors I have not worked with. The relationships we have with many caterers, photographers, DJ's, etc. definitely contributes to the whole event running smoothly and provides the best experience for our couples.