Chico Tree Farm Engagement Session Chico - Josiah&Hanna


The Tree Farm in Chico is a hidden gem that not everyone knows about! Especially in the Fall, it's a must visit!


Even if you've grown up in Chico, there's a chance you would have never known to visit this place. This location is off the beaten path far away from Bidwell Park where most people explore. The Tree Farm is run and kept up by the Forest Service and has lots of walking paths and different types of trees all along the property. It's such a fun spot to explore and we're so glad these two wanted it as the backdrop for their engagement photos.

Josiah&Hanna met us outside the gated area and we headed in together to adventure through the park. You might recognize Josiah from some of our commercial and past Kickstarter projects. We joked that he's been the perfect actor for those commercials but now he doesn't have to pretend at all as he just adores Hanna. Although Hanna hasn't had as much experience in front of the camera as Josiah, she was a total natural and together these two did so well!

Josiah was in the high school group we helped out with at church where Stephen and him were able to get close. After he graduated he met Hanna in college and it's so clear to see how these two are such a perfect match for one another! They laughed all throughout their engagement session and made our jobs so easy. We cannot wait for their wedding next Spring here in Chico!