Memorable Monday - Welcome 2017!


With the holidays, our trip to Panama, and a family mini vacation, our Memorable Monday series has been little neglected lately...but we are back at it again this week, this time with some events that happened along with some life updates!

Our Week

  • Taking time off this Winter season has been extremely restful and rejuvenating for both of us. There’s a reason why taking a day off is so important. Everyone needs breaks here or there from work!
  • Implementing morning meetings has been one of the best things for our marriage and business! Our morning meetings consist of us sitting on our super comfy couch usually next to the fire (since it's been so cold) to go over our day. Stephen usually starts out sharing what he needs to accomplish and then it's my turn. I'm much more long winded so my turn usually lasts longer, ha! Then we pray and head upstairs or finish answering emails on the couch!
  • Meal Planning, why haven't I taken advantage of you sooner?! I've been trying to prep a few meals ahead of time during the week so we have food for lunches and dinner if we're rushing off to something (which we usually are). Hopefully, this trend will last.
  • It's been so cold that we haven't been drinking our usual La Croix's but this week I've  been craving them! I have a feeling we'll be stocking up again soon!!
  • Since coming back from Panama, I've been in a weird slump. I haven't had a ton of motivation and I think it's due to the whole rest thing I mentioned above! I need to allow myself to rest more, sleep in longer, not work as much and watch a little more Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, what's your current favorite show?
  • For Christmas, we gifted my family with tickets to see the 49ers play. They are big fans, but it was the first time myself and siblings had actually seen a pro team play in person. After our New Years Eve wedding, we pilled in a car and drove to Santa Clara to watch the game. I love gift giving, but as I've gotten older the more I realize the importance of someone's time. Time can be sometimes the most valuable gift so we wanted to spend more time with our family for Christmas and this day together was just that and so much fun!
  • Speaking of Panama, Stephen's sister's destination wedding will be hitting the blog tomorrow, get excited!
  • I plan on blogging our goals for 2017 soon, but if I'm totally being honest I feel overwhelmed by the small tasks right now that keep pilling up. Those big goals seem a little daunting and I feel like we need to go back over, rewrite ours and prioritize better. So once those goals are ready, I'll share them here :D
  • As I speak, our boring little home office is being transformed into an awesome office! We're having a friend build us a new desk area for the both of us, painting and even FINALLY getting standing desks. Follow along our Instagrams to see some behind the scenes!