Memorable Monday - June Weather


We have been experienced some pretty unique weather here in Chico this past week. Usually, by the beginning of June much of our area in California experiences hot weather temperatures ranging from 90 to 100-degrees. This last week has been unusually cool but we can't complain! It has been amazing, we've been able to spend more time in our backyard on our porch and soak in this amazing weather.

Our Week

  • Stephen was gone in Napa Wednesday again for an ongoing project with one of our favorite wineries. Some people have been asking about how we divide our workload so I thought I would explain. On wedding days, we always shoot together and would NEVER split up and shoot two different weddings. For commercial work however, sometimes the job only requires one cinematographer so I'll stay home in the office to get work done while Stephen's out shooting. For this specific commercial video project in Napa, it involves many half day shoots throughout the year where Stephen is capturing the changes in the vines.
  • While Stephen was away, I worked my heart out, literally from 9am until 11pm I was working. I took full advantage of trying to play catch up that day while Stephen was away.
  • I had a coffee date with my mom last week. I'll admit, during my teenage years we didn't exactly get along all the time. Over the years, our relationship has grown and I totally look up to the amazing women and wife she is!
  • Stephen's favorite food is pizza. On Sunday after coming home from church and making breakfast together, we decided it would be a good idea to have a pizza delivered for lunch. This is totally unusual for us to do but man, that pizza was SO yummy! Sometimes you have to break the mold and order pizza because that sounds way better than cooking anything or going out!
  • Saturday's wedding was breathtaking! It took place in Lodi at an gorgeous wedding venue in the area. We had been looking forward to Tyler&Stephanie's wedding all year long. Their wedding was filled with all our favorite things. Love and legacy, style and class, beautiful speeches followed by dancing alongside their favorite people. Thanks to Amanda our amazing second shooter for capturing this photo of the four of us towards the end of the day!