Memorable Monday - Engagement Parties


Chico has two very special guests staying for the next couple of weeks and we have had the privilege of spending some time with them this week!

The two special guests visiting Chico are Stephen's sister Laura and our soon to be brother-in-law Jovanni! They met and live in Panama and will be getting married over there later this year. It's been fun to have them in Chico for awhile, get to know Jovanni more and be a part of wedding planning!

Our Week

  • Jovanni&Laura asked us to be their wedding photographers and videographers and we are beyond honored. While they are in town, this past week we photographed their engagement session which was really such a treat for us! Laura got all dressed up, had her hair and makeup done and they met us downtown for their photo session. Full blog post of these two will be coming later this week!
  • With continuing to go to our Crossfit gym together, I have also joined a local pilates studio here in Chico. I've been doing pilates on my own for the last year through an online program but really wanted to try out an actual studio with pilates equipment. As you can imagine, pilates is so different from Crossfit, but I needed a change in my routine and wanted to try something new. Crossfit offers a different kind of challenge than pilates and I like how diverse they are. So far in pilates my horrible posture has been amplified and I'm learning my core isn't as stable and strong as I thought. Because a lot of my time spent in the office is on a computer, I've become increasingly aware of how much I need to move more throughout the day and really work on mobility. I guess you could say I'm starting to feel old, I'm not 21 anymore!
  • Stephen and I have been Snapchatting every day! It started with only me posting, but now Stephen posts almost more than I do. We are really loving this social media platform. It's very real, unedited,and candid snippets of our work and life together. It's also been a fun way to get to know our couples better and see glimpses of their lives leading up to and after the wedding. Most of the time, I'm in work out clothes and wearing no makeup because thats how I spend my time the majority of the week. Feel free to follow along @trecreative.
  • This week was really really hot here in Chico! Like almost 100 degrees every day! That's true Chico summers for ya. Our amazing couple this last weekend totally braved through the heat and were such good sports on Saturday's wedding. I always seem to never drink enough water on wedding days no matter how hot it is. This was a good reminder that I can always be drinking more water!
  • We booked and scheduled our very own anniversary photos happening later this year. Now I'm in planning mode and looking at online stores on my free time for a fun and flowy long dress. If you have suggestions where to look, let me know :D
  • On Sunday, we celebrated with Chico friends and family Jovanni&Laura's "I Do BBQ". The TréBooth made a guest appearance and our family took some pretty funny photos in the booth. Below are a few snippets from the weekend. Hope these photos brighten your day :D

My parents love the TréBooth!

Little Dexter was so cute. He's not related but I had to put him in here!

The whole Diaz family together!