Memorable Monday - Wedding Season is Here!


We have officially kicked off our 2017 wedding season! From now until mid-summer, on weekends you can find us somewhere in the United States (or sometimes elsewhere) with one of our amazing TréCreative couples!

On Friday we celebrated a day with Billy&Tristin at their TEN YEAR vow renewal! It took place under the Redwoods at Henry Cowell State Park and then on Sunday in Chico for Josiah&Hanna's wedding. These two celebrations could not have been a more perfect way to start our wedding season. We feel so honored to be starting a new wedding season and are excited to celebrate alongside our couples!

Our Week

  • Stephen finally got the last piece to his missing puzzle, AKA all his RED camera parts finally came! His day off in between the weddings this weekend was mostly spent playing with his new camera! We're bringing it with us to our commercial projects this week and can't wait to see the results!
  • Our fridge is finally stocked with yummy food again! I've found that I'm more likely to cook if we actually have good food in our fridge, go figure!
  • For Billy&Tristin's vow renewal, we headed to our old stomping grounds. Santa Cruz is the same place where we worked for three summers together in college. It was the place where we really learned how much we loved working together. The place where we grew most as a couple and the same area where Stephen later proposed. We had not been back since last summer and we really missed it!
  • It is confirmed, breakfast is our favorite meal of the day! When we were first married, every Wednesday morning was started with a breakfast date. We would try new places and take the time to dream together. Last week, we took my older brother out to breakfast for his birthday! We all ordered what we like to call our "morning dessert". That consisted of a delicious waffle on the side of our meals. Definitely not regretting that decision. Waffles are so yummy!
  • It feels like Spring has officially hit Chico! It's much warmer out and the flowers are blooming. If only we could get our front lawn to grow properly. Our poor grass looks pretty sad. Maybe that will be our next house project.

Cheers to the week! Here's an awesome surprise dance the groomsmen did at Josiah&Hanna's wedding this Sunday, pretty awesome right?!?