Memorable Monday - New Business Ventures


Happy Monday friends! As we sit on our favorite couch in the house, we're both feeling extremely grateful and excited for what is on the horizon with TréCreative!

In our business and life, we never want to be stagnant and settle for the current place we're in. We're always looking to make things better for our couples, our business, our marriage and our lives. We've been traveling these past few weekends near Healdsburg which has meant a lot of time in the car together. During that time, we often get caught up on our favorite podcasts (we need to update that blog post with some recent favs soon!) and that's also usually the time Stephen introduces me to his new favorite ones he's been listening to. It's often in the car where we start to dream together and we're excited for the new business adventures we've already started embarking on. I'm hoping to blog a little more this week about that "side hustle" as we call it and how it is changing our lives and business for the good. Stay tuned!

Our Week

  • Speaking of travel and all the time spent in our car, we're continuing to break in our new car. I'm loving driving it and it seems to be the perfect addition to our family! What a difference and upgrade from our previous car that served us for so long. If you haven't heard the dramatic car saga, you can read all about it here.
  • On Thursday evening, we had over 20 people come over to our house for what we're calling "Third Thursday". A few friends of ours were dreaming of a way to create more intentional community here in Chico. Six friends of ours decided that once a month on the third Thursday we would host a huge potluck style hang out session where anyone and everyone is welcome. This has been a big dream of ours that we feel like God laid our hearts a few years ago and we're so excited to meet new people and create a space where people feel welcome. If you want to come hang out, join our Facebook page for event updates!
  • Before having all these people over for Third Thursday, I was so incredibly grateful for our home and the place God provided for us. My grandmother said something to me I will never forget when we were about to close in escrow. She said that a home is useless unless it is used and filled to serve others. I totally agree and am thankful for friends who value hospitality.
  • Saturday's wedding was in Healdsburg California which is a beautiful area in wine country. This place brings back a lot of memories for me growing up. This is the place I will forever know as my grandparent's home. They lived there well over 25 years and I'm just now realizing the beautiful place they lived for so long. We love this area for weddings and looking forward to the destination wedding we have back in this area this Fall!
  • Our bride this past weekend works for Airbnb and booked us the most adorable AirBNB in Healdsburg this past weekend. If you ever need a place to get away, we highly recommend this listing. The space was incredible, quiet, and perfect for a weekend getaway. Not to mention it was within minutes of downtown Windsor which is super cute and has great food!
  • We know we said last week that we discovered a new Favorite venue, Campovida! Well, this week's wedding was right up there as well. Villa AIX was gorgeous and such a perfect spot for a wedding in Northern California wine country.
  • If you know Stephen, you know he's always scheming up new business ventures. Well, this week he launched yet another business that he's been dreaming of for awhile. You'll have to wait to see what it is in a future blog post! Let's just say we're really excited about this one!