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How to Turn Missed Opportunities Into Seized Moments

It was 2014, we had just received one of those emails that makes you stop you in your tracks. It felt like this could be a big pivotal shift in our business. It was an honor alone that this company had even found us and was even considering hiring us for this grand project.

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Outer Banks North Carolina - My Pursuit Retreat Takeaways

It has been a whirlwind for us these last few weeks, to say the least! Stephen went to a convention in Minnesota, came home and then we hosted the Vivify Workshop in the Bay Area. From there we went to a marriage retreat in Chico, then that night we packed up for our destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. After returning home for a few days, I jumped onto another airplane off to the East Coast for the annual Pursuit Retreat in North Carolina. While sometimes back to back travel can be exhausting, we are so thankful for this job that allows us to travel not only for work but amazing retreats and getaways like I was able to do last week.

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Patrick Ranch Museum Wedding Photographer - Jeff&Katie

We're pretty sure "sore smile syndrome" is a real thing, especially after spending the day with Jeff&Katie at their Patrick Ranch Museum wedding. These two love to laugh together and at their wedding, everyone was grinning from ear to ear with so much excitement! 

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