Memorable Monday - TréCreative Anniversary Sneak Peeks :D

Our backs have been a little sore since last week's Memorable Monday but we're really enjoying going to the chiropractor and getting aligned! Taking care of our health is so important and I was finally able to convince Stephen to go to the chiropractor! Best Doctor visit ever!!

Our Week

  • We started off the week in Sacramento on Monday evening for a TréCreative engagement session at the Capital! Spring time is one of our favorite times of year to shoot. The almond blossoms are in bloom and everything is starting to look so much greener! Our couple Justin&Alyssa will be on the blog later this week, YAY! They are amazing and so adorable and the State Capitol had so many great locations to take photos at. Stay tuned...

  • I have been doing the Whole 30 Program for a 21 days now and Stephen is doing the "half 30" as he likes to call it :D Basically he still eats whatever he wants, but I'm the one who cooks and goes grocery shopping so he has been partially roped into the program. I'm amazed at how much our lives revolve around food and food choices. By my diet being extremely restricted, I've learned to be extra thankful for my health and the food I can have. I decided to do this program to see how certain food groups affect my body to continue to live a healthy lifestyle! These last 21 days have been so eye opening!

  • I went away for a future TréCreative bride's bachelorette party in Fort Bragg over the weekend while Stephen bachelor'd it up at the TréCrib. The weather was amazing. Nothing but clear sunshiny skies in the area! Next time, I'll have to take Stephen and show him the new places I discovered along the coast. If you want a little get away, I highly recommend Fort Bragg and Mendocino area. They are both quaint little towns along the coast with gorgeous scenery. Each place has a different vibe and the food and restaurants are amazing. All of us girls got our seafood fix, that's for sure!

  • We are currently puppy sitting again! Remember when we watched our friend's adorable little puppy Trooper?!? Well they're on a little getaway again, so we get to be fill-in parents! This is seriously the best, we love watching him. We want a dog so badly but for now its fun to live vicariously through our friends!

  • We did a handful of anniversary sessions on Valentine's Day a few weeks ago. We are finishing up those sessions now and before we send over the full galleries to our couples we wanted you to be the first to see a few sneak peeks! We offer anniversary sessions all year round and would love to get a date on the calendar with you if you're interested!