Our Story Part I - TréCreative Wedding Photography&Videography

We meet with every potential TréCreative couple face to face and one of the first questions we always love to ask is how they met. We love hearing these fun stories! These stories have ranged from blind dates, high school friends, elementary classmates, random bridal party members, online dating, and the list goes on and on! Getting to know our couples on a personal level is one of our biggest values at TréCreative. Hearing their first impressions of one another, about their first date, or about their favorite things to do on the weekend is all a great way to get insight into the personalities and characteristics of our couples. We've heard it said that on the wedding day, you'll soften pend more time with your photographer than any other vendor. From our experience, it's so true! That is why it is vital that the relationships we form before the wedding build trust and ensure that we are the best fit for our couples! We've learned over the years that getting to know our couples and spending time with them leading up to the wedding, ultimately produces the most authentic wedding photos and video possible!

When we're talking with these couples, we often share our stories as well. On the blog, we have shared glimpses of our relationship, but I realized we've never sat down to share the whole story! Like you may have read in our about section, we were high school sweethearts, we did long distance all throughout college and that we really love going on adventures together! But in between the lines, we've never fully shared our full story of our dating adventure leading up to marriage. So here it is, the unpacked, uncut, full version of our story! Now because our story is long and complex, I will save you the novel and this post will be continued for four weeks until our full story unfolds.

Our Story – Part I

I was a sophomore at Chico High (go panthers) and Stephen was a senior at P.V. (our arch-enemy rival school) when we met. I had spent the night at my friend Katie's house and went to church with her family that next morning. Afterwards we met up with our friend Sam and he invited his friend Stephen to join us for lunch at El Patron, a Mexican restaurant near his house. Stephen showed up late and ordered the largest plate of nachos I have ever seen. His first bite ended in him basically choking on his food. To be totally honest, I was not very impressed, I thought Stephen was a little too quirky and silly for me. Stephen on the other hand, had a great time and was interested in hanging out more.

The next weekend, we hung out again with a larger group of friends and I noticed something different about Stephen. He intrigued me. He then proceded to ask me for my number and Myspace (haha remember myspace?!?) in a cool collective way and we began texting and hanging out all the time. I really enjoyed Stephen's company and felt like I could totally be myself around him. That was a rare for a high school girl my age and I have always appreciated that about Stephen. He can make anyone feel comfortable and at ease. He pursued me and after a couple weeks said he wanted to jump into a relationship. Now keep in mind, we were both such different people back then! We were very immature teenagers, and didn't really fully know what it meant to be "in a relationship". My response to Stephen was that I wasn't ready, and didn't want to be tied down. I also knew that Stephen had ever intention of moving to Southern California for school and I didn't want to get into a relationship knowing we would probably break up later the next year.

I finally gave in and said that I was willing to be "official". That lasted all of two weeks...but that's another story. Stay tuned for next week to hear Part II of our story...