Memorable Monday - A Weekend Away!


Over the weekend we flew up to Seattle to visit one of Stephen's childhood friends from Wheaton. We're currently snuggled up on their comfy coach with their adorable golden doodle in sight as we write this post. This installment of Memorable Monday will be short and sweet because we want to get back to snuggling Rigby and spending the our last day with our friends! Don't worry, we'll do a full blog post of our Seattle trip later on this week :D Our Week!

Seattle Trip-1
Seattle Trip-1
  • Last week we had no meetings at the TréCrib which is really unusual for us. We had spent the previous week having double the amount of meetings so we were able to catch up on lots of editing!
  • We FaceTime'd with Stephen's sister Laura and fiancé Jovanni for the first time since they had been engaged! We're so excited for them and looking forward to being a part of their wedding in December!
  • I cooked a Tri-Tip roast in the oven for the first time ever this week! Not only did I cook it without burning it, but it turned out AMAZING!! I was so proud of myself. I enjoy cooking but don't always have tons of time to cook. Most of our meals are quick and simple. I decided to try the roast my mom always makes at holiday meals and it turned out perfect. That was a huge accomplishment for me! Thanks mom for your encouragement. I called her several times during the week for help!
  • On Friday we left for Seattle in the evening. It has been the first trip in forever that we haven't had to pack all our gear or scout a location as soon as we made it to our destination. Don't get us wrong, we absolutely LOVE traveling for weddings, but it was so refreshing to pack for a quick trip the airport with carry-ons only. Usually our bags are maxed out to the amount of weight allowed, we're frantically running around the house making sure we have every piece of camera equipment we need, and we're almost always 15 minute late. Not this trip. Not this time. We were early getting out the door and we didn't even have to check any of our bags!!
  • Keep an eye out later this week for a full re-cap of our Seattle trip. In the meantime, just know that our trip to Seattle has been a breath of fresh air! Tyler&Brittnee have been amazing hosts taking us all over the city and loving us well!