Our lives have been flipped upside down - TréCreative Update

Like a piece of cloth flying in the breeze, sometimes the wind picks us up and carries us to a destination we could have never expected. Sometimes our homes and lives seem to be flipped upside down. This has been our lives lately. Since moving into our new home (which we love) the question has been raised about what matters most to us. We are given choices. Do we embrace the mess or let the mess take over. There have been those moments when the mess takes over and we feel overwhelmed. Then there have been moments of pure joy as we embrace this season of life we’re in.

Furnishing a new home and decorating in the middle of wedding season is not ideal! We have been asked by so many friends and family in the last couple weeks, “How is the house coming along?” We always smile and look at each other and say, “It’s a process, and slowly but surely it will get done". And that’s the honest truth. Making a house a home takes time and it’s a process, just like this beautiful life we’re living. It’s a journey, that we can either embrace, or try with all our might to stop. This truth has struck me this past week. It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. So what if our house isn’t complete? That doesn’t mean we can’t host people or invite them over to build community.

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to travel to Eugene Oregon to film some video content for the Pursuit Conference which we attended and filmed last year. We met Karen, the founder, and her husband Isaac for an interview to get behind the heart of Pursuit Community and what it was intended for. We knew this would be a good trip, but we didn’t expect to be inspired to live more intentionally and cultivate this same type of community where we live. Karen has a way with her words that gets to you right at the core.

Our business has always been about loving people, through stressful moments and the moments filled with the most joy. Pursuit Community is a conference and online community for women in creative industries such as photography. In the creative industry, it’s so easy to compare yourself to others. You start thinking “What if my work looked like that? What if I lived there and had those friends? What if we charged this much? Why am I not as “good”  as them?" These are lies that are so easy for anyone to get stuck in. These lies strip us from the joy we receive from loving our couples well and the passion we know the Lord has given us for our jobs. We were challenged to live our lives more intentionally. To build more community right where we’re at in Chico. Because who cares if our upstairs is a mess still and our downstairs isn’t completely finished? We have a home and a huge dining room table waiting to have people gathered around. We’re not quite sure what this will look like, but it’s time to make our home a place where people walk into and feel loved. Sometimes God asks us to dream a little bit. And more likely than not, those dreams become a reality if your willing to step out of your comfort zone and just believe. 

What is it in your life that you that you're afraid to do? What is it that you just need to take that first step towards? What’s holding you back? Are you believing the lie that you’re not good enough or that you will never amount to your dreams of success. I’m telling you this as the girl who never imagined her life would end up where it is now. I’m telling you that you can do it! Success comes with working hard and never giving up. I believe if you’re reading this, you have it in you to do just that! 

Some food for thought today friends! Happy Thursday!