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Sacramento Marriage Retreat

This past weekend, we spent in Sacramento with about 30 other couples from our church at a marriage retreat in Sacramento. We originally had something else in our calendar planned for the weekend but when it freed, this was the first thing filled it with!

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Our lives have been flipped upside down - TréCreative Update

Like a piece of cloth flying in the breeze, sometimes the wind picks us up and carries us to a destination we could have never expected. Sometimes our homes and lives seem to be flipped upside down. This has been our lives lately. Since moving into our new home (which we love) the question has been raised about what matters most to us. We are given choices. Do we embrace the mess or let the mess take over. There have been those moments when the mess takes over and we feel overwhelmed. Then there have been moments of pure joy as we embrace this season of life we’re in.

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