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Tucson Arizona Travel Photos

A few weeks ago, March 16th to be exact, was our six year wedding anniversary. In years past, we’ve gone on a trip together to celebrate and this year was no different. Our good friends the Goodwillie’s moved last summer from Chico back to their hometown in Tucson Arizona. Even though we’ve only know each other for three years, we know these two are lifelong friends and they have already been such a blessing to us. Having supportive community has always been a high value of ours in business and marriage. We decided to make our anniversary more than just celebrating our marriage, but celebrating those who have supported us a long the way.

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Chico State Fall Family Photos - Bryan Family

We just adore the Bryan Family! Cody and Brittany were one of our first TréCreative wedding couples EVER and since then, we have had the honor of photographing some of their family’s big life moments. It’s fun to see and spend time with them and see little Calvin grow each year . Last year, he was barely walking and now he’s running a mile a minute! He’s an adventurous two year old ready to take on the world!

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