Trentadue Winery Wedding Photographer - Santa Rosa- Jason&Deanna


Trentadue Winery is located in Geyserville California just outside of Santa Rosa. When first driving into the property you'll instantly want to pull out a camera as you see rows and rows of beautiful well-maintained vineyards in the valley next to rolling hills and gorgeous mountains!

When Jason&Deanna first contacted us we were ecstatic to potentially get to work with them! They had attended one of our favorite couples, Travis&Karina's wedding a couple years back and we loved working with them. Any friends of Travis&Karina are friends of ours is how we see it! When we first met these two at their engagement session a few months ago, we knew their wedding would be filled with so much joy and laughter.

There were several moments throughout the day that we will never forget! Deanna let us know the morning of the wedding that she had a very special gift for Jason. She bought him a DRONE that he had been drooling over for months. This was especially fun for us to capture because any chance Stephen gets, he loves using DJI products in our wedding videography. We brought the gift over during Jason's groomsmen getting ready portraits. When Jason opened it, he was in complete shock! We can't wait to see what kind of aerial footage he captures once these two are back from their Thailand honeymoon.

Another amazing moment for us to photograph was Deanna walking down the aisle with her dad. She was grinning ear to ear and looked so stunning in her wedding gown. The couple had a moment to look out at to all their guests in attendance during the wedding ceremony. This was a beautiful moment to realize how many amazing friends and family were there who have been supporting them and will continue to cheer them on throughout their marriage adventure!

Lastly, we loved capturing some special dances during the evening. The first was right after Jason&Deanna shared their first dance, they invited Deanna's grandparents to join them on the dance floor as the very song that their grandparents danced to on their wedding day was played. Deanna's grandparents have been married for over 40 years and Jason&Deanna danced with them to honor their legacy. This was an incredibly powerful moment to capture!! We want our couples to always remember that although their wedding day is important, their marriage is more important! What an amazing testament to marriage Deanna's grandparents have modeled for these two!

Another amazing dance that happened shortly after was one Deanna and their friends surprise-choreographed for Jason. It was his favorite, a Bollywood-style dance! We had Skyped with Deanna a few weeks ago and she let us in on this secret! The pictures show such emotion and surprise from Jason! We also can't wait to show you some video footage of this dance that Stephen captured (stay tuned). Jason and all of his siblings are super talented musically. Many of their friends and family have a background in music and theater. So Deanna schemed a plan to surprise Jason right after their first dance with this amazing dance and there were other impressive musical numbers sprinkled throughout the night as well. It was incredible!

Thank you Jason&Deanna for inviting us to be a part of your very special day! Hope you two are having fun in Thailand!!