Memorable Monday - Fall Camping Trip 2016


It's very rare during the Fall to have a weekend off. When weekends like this come up we like to take full of this advantage and do something out of the ordinary to unplug.

It seems like once a year we get to go camping with some group of friends. This trip was originally going to take place at the beginning of September and sadly we weren't going to make it. When the group decided to re-schedule the trip we were thrilled because it fell on a weekend we had open. There are lots of campsites only an hour or so outside of Chico. Our friends Dustin and Nate did a great job planning and executing this trip. On Friday afternoon, Stephen and I raced to get out to-do list complete to head up the hill close to Chester for camping.

I'll totally admit, I was a bit of stress case that afternoon. I felt like we had a million things to do and felt unprepared for another trip. Stephen and I were even grocery shopping for supplies 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet our friends to leave for camping. Talk about not planning ahead, oh well! Halfway up on the drive, we went completely out of cell service and all things I thought I needed to get done had to be put on hold. Stephen even looked at me at one point and asked why I was stressing out, he said I just needed to let it all go! And he was right. I needed to let it all go! God gave us this weekend getaway at just the right time after a very busy month with lots of travels! It's often hard to get away because you can't help but think of all the extra work, home chores, and list of tasks you should be getting done if you weren't away. As creatives, we needed intentional space to get away! For us, this weekend was very necessary!

It's not very often we have a whole weekend away that is completely offline too. I couldn't look at my phone, check Instagram or post to Instagram stories. This weekend has been a breath of fresh air for us! We were able to spend quality time with people we love. Enjoy some of our camping highlight photos as well as a fun short video Stephen cut together. Stephen brought along our brand new Canon Mark IV as an excuse to do a high frame rate high ISO test (in non-tech speak that's super slow motion in low light conditions) camera test. The video is really just him messing around with the new camera in different situations. We wanted to travel light so it was shot with one lens, all handheld with none of our standard stabilization rigs.